"Modern Mermaid"

Title: splash

Translation: Mermaid / Modern Mermaid Mermaid

Director: Ron Howard

Starring: Tom Hanks, Dali Henna, Eugene Levy, John Caddy

Region: United States

Release: March 09, 1984

Type: Fantasy/Comedy/Romance/Legend

Shop long: 111 minutes

Configuration: The 20th Anniversary Repair Edition of the One District+CCTV National Matching+Revised Subtitles

Audio: English DD5.1/Mandarin DD2.0

Subtitles: China/English/French/West


Twenty years ago, the young Allen traveled to the corner and fell into the sea accidentally. He met a beautiful little mermaid. They looked at each other curiously. Although there was no language, at that moment, they took the other party deeply. Remember in my heart, how delicate feelings are this! Twenty years later, they all grew up. Occasionally, Allen fell into the sea again. The mermaid rescued him and met him on the beach. Later, I took Allen's wallet and found Allen on the land. The mermaid began a lot of jokes because he didn't understand the life of the world, but the mermaid was happy. At this time, the tragedy is about to happen. A scientist discovered the existence of the mermaid in the diving, and then repeatedly wanted to confirm to the world that he had seen the mermaid. Although the scientist is fully prepared every time, he always fails. Finally at a party, he splashed water on the mermaid, so that the mermaid showed his tail. The people around him looked at her with a surprise and doubt. No one helped her, understand her, and even Allen was at a loss. Once, the mermaid was locked in the large water tank in the laboratory. She was regarded as a research object. She stayed in the water lonely every day, helpless and sad, and was banned by others. How sad her heart was! How much she hopes Allen! At this time, Allen found that he really loved the mermaid, and he came to the laboratory for his exhaustion. They broke the worldly prejudice bravely and walked together. The power of love was really great! In the end, scientists finally found out that he helped Allen rescue the mermaid from the laboratory, but was discovered by the experiment. Under the pursuit of the police, the mermaid had to return to the sea again. Before returning, she was very I can't bear Allen, Allen also wants to be with the mermaid, but once he returns to the sea, Allen can never return to the land, but for love and mermaid, Allen still feels that he should not leave with the mermaid. Knowing that the mermaid was the little girl he met in the sea 20 years ago, Allen was even more happy. At the moment the police would catch up, Allen and the mermaid jumped to the sea together. No one is going to conduct 'research' for them. They are traveling in the sea without restrictions. It is so happy and happy!

Translation: Modern Mermaid Director: (Ron Howard) starring: (Tom Hanks Tom Hanks) (Daryl Hannah) ) (Dody Goodman) (Shecky Greene)

Modern Mermaid