"I and My Time Boy" This drama is adapted from the novel. The novel is the novel "Who can the Moon Private with Love" by the king of the Internet novelist Fan. This author is not so fire, but his novel The writing is actually very beautiful. In fact, there are many details in this novel. The authors of the novel are particularly good, so I think this TV series should be pretty good.

"My Time Boy" is directed by Jiang Jinlin, starring Deng Enxi and Zhang Linghe, and there are youth campus healing dramas that Ren Shihao, Tan Yanyan and others participated in the star, because the original novels are the kind of mutual healing. This novel is The male and female masters are a bit different from ordinary male and female masters. The male and female owners of this novel are accompanied by each other, guarding each other, two -way secret love, and growing up together. They break through from the "pseudo -brothers" from the young plums and become "lovers".

The male lead of this novel is the disabled. When he was a child, he was accidentally hit by the heroine's father when he was driving at night and then amputated, so he lived with the heroine from an early age and became a pseudo -brother. Guarding each other and healing each other. The character of the male lead is relatively soft in love. He may be a bit inferior in his heart, so he did not accept the love of the heroine at first, but he was particularly strong. People with disabilities were mourned when they were amputated. They gave up on himself. He was a good boy. The heroine is a person who is brave to chase the love. She likes the male lead to express bravely, and to chase love directly. Even if she is opposed by her family or the opposition from others. The heart is also a very mature, careful, good boy. Although they lacked a little bravery at first, they were guarded with each other and their two -way rushing, which was really touching and enviable.

The male and female masters in this novel are very good, very personal, and are particularly loved by book fans. I don't know if the TV series will change. I hope that several actors can perform the feeling in the book. expect.

"My Time Boy" is adapted from the novel "Who can the Moon Private with Love" by the king of the Internet novelist Fan Da, which tells the male and female owners to accompany each other, guard against each other, two -way secret love, and grow together. Breakthrough becomes a "lovers" youthful and warm story. Zhang Linghe plays the male lead Jiang Haoyue, a high -cold school tyrant. Deng Enxi plays Lu Miao, a girl. They broke through the "puppet brothers and sisters" from the young plums and became "lovers".

The two of them play a pair of siblings, but they are not biological, so both of them have love for each other, but they don’t want to say it.

It is the male and female protagonist, and this drama tells the story of the two people accompanying each other and finally growing up together. This drama is really good -looking. The two have a CP feeling.