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"Thunder Police" is a police bandit movie directed by Tang Jili in 2000, starring Guo Fucheng, Fujiwara Kyoko, Wang Lihong, Lin Xinru and other.

Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1qswwvddlzmjdm5p5Ci062W

Extract code: J6AN

"Thunder Police"

Director: Liu Xin

Starring: Zhao Yan, Yu Beibei

Type: action, suspense

Production Country/Region: Mainland China

Language: Chinese Mandarin

Premiere: 2018-04-09 (Mainland China)

Edition: 35

Single collection length: 45 minutes

Also known as: Detective Red Tao Liu

The criminal police officer Liu Hongtao was a master of breaking the case. His colleagues reversed his name, nicknamed "Detective Red Tao Liu", but he had troubled Liu Hongtao. In recent criminal scenes, a poker card of Red Peach Six has been found. To find out the truth, Liu Hongtao touched the vine and found the criminal gang contact Ma Yan. Unexpectedly, Ma Yan died suddenly, clues were interrupted, and Liu Hongtao fell into the case of the case. After hard work, Liu Hongtao found the murderer who killed Ma Yan. In the face of the evidence of Liu Hongtao's multi -party investigation, Li Xiaojun explained that behind the scenes code -named "Red Tao Liu" have been secretly helping himself to hide the facts of criminal facts. In order to seize the "Red Tao Six", Liu Hongtao asked Li Xiaojun to be a line person under the careful arrangement of his superiors. When Liu Hongtao locked the suspect, he was framed into a hidden "Red Tao Liu". Liu Hongtao will plan, so that the criminal "Hong Tao Liu" mistakenly thinks about the tricks. Liu Hongtao eventually arrested the real "Red Tao Six", cracked a criminal gang collusion with corrupt officials, and eluted his suspicion.