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A young man who is struggling. He had two father, so he found two living paths. He has two lover, so he has two emotions. He has an ideal, but leads to another reality. He has the most valuable spirit, that is, constantly fighting.

The young and handsome Lu Tao is talented and passionate. After graduating from the School of Architecture, he has always hoped to achieve a brilliant career, but his stepfather Lu Yaxun often reminded him to be down -to -earth. Lu Tao's biological father, Xu Zhisen, brought huge sums of money to Beijing to develop the real estate industry. Lu Tao found that he had two different living paths ... and who graduated with Lu Tao and several of his "dead parties": south, Huazi, Millai, Xia Lin, Yang Xiaoyun and others. In the years after graduation, several young people learned about the interaction between people and society through their careers, and the true meaning of dreams and reality, responsibility and friendship through love. They experience the waves of life and love, sometimes confused and sometimes pain,

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