Shangguan Yaohong (Chen Yan)

名捕震关东人物介绍: 无情(吴奇隆饰)、雅风(左小青饰)、冷血(任泉饰)、宁安公主(冰冰饰)、铁手(王九胜饰)、上官瑶红(陈滢饰)、 Chasing Life (Lu Xingyu), Lan Xiaoyue (Zhang Yan) Piaohua (Mu Qing), Rou Xue (Ren Yuan Yuan)

Name: Chen Yan

Occupation: Chinese National Theater Actor

Education: 95 Undergraduate Class

Height: 166cm

Birthday: March 27th

Hobbies: computer, reading

Specialties: singing, swimming, driving, riding, martial arts

Language: Mandarin, Cantonese

Main works:

"Broken Valley" as the heroine Wang Yinggu

"Fat Cat Finding Kind" as the heroine Ajuan

"Never bow" as the heroine Bobo

"Direct injury" as the heroine Tian Xiaoya

"Love Qu 2003" as the heroine Xiao Xuan

The first and second part of "Returning Pearls"

"No Regret Pride" as a female reporter Tao Le

"Mr. Liao Zhai" decorated with red lotus

"Speak" as Xiaoyu

"Shangfang Sword" is decorated with Japanese princess Juko

"Three Master's Sword" decorated with iron

"Fire Handsome" decorated with Gelan

"Guan Hanqing" decorated Shun Shi Show

"Famous Catcher Zhentong" decorated with Shangguan Yaohong

Movie works:

"Girl Diary"

Which one are you talking about? Essence Oh, there are too many caught in the four big names. If you remember correctly, you can play Liu Hong in the pearl.

The first part of "Returning Pearls" and the second part of Liu Hong, named Chen Ying