Liuli was broadcast on Youku and Mango TV on August 6, 2020.

"Liuli" is directed by Yin Tao and Mai Guan, starring Cheng Yi, Yuan Bingyan, Liu Xueyi, Zhang Yuxi, Bai Yan, Hou Mengyao. The play is based on Shi Shiro's novel "Liuli Beauty Sha". The young girl Chu Xuanyuan and Li Ziyong's disciple Yu Sichang, under the dual pressure of love and conspiracy of previous lives, joined hands to work together to create a very colorful story of the legendary fairy.

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The Flower Competition Conference is about to be held in the Shaoyang School. The eldest daughter of the head of the head of Chu Lei (Zhang Yuxi) is capable and capable, and was committed to receiving the heavy responsibility of participating disciples. The second daughter Xuan Yuan (Yuan Bingyan) was lazy and abandoned martial arts. Li Zeng, the young master of Zegong, broke into the Mingxia Cave trap by mistake, and saw the friendship with Xuan Yuan.

Linglong conflicted with Bi Tong at the Puppet Flower Conference. The fierce Wu Tong implemented revenge, injured Xuan Yuan, and was deported. Xuan Yuan, who woke up seriously, was aware of the bad consequences of his "waste wood" behavior, and vowed to learn martial arts and no longer involve others. Four years later, Xuan Yuan martial arts advanced and got the opportunity to go down the mountain.

In which TV platform, Liuli broadcasts online emergency Liuli. From August 6, 2020, it will be broadcast on Youku and Mango. The play is starring Yuan Bingyan, Cheng Yi, Liu Xueyi, etc.


The TV series "Liuli Beauty" is directed by Yin Tao, Mai Guanzhi, and Cheng Yi, Yuan Bingyan, Liu Xueyi, Zhang Yuxi, Bai Yan, Han Chengyu, Huang Yiming, Li Junyi, Zhou Junwei, Hou Mengyao, Fu Fangjun, Yang Xunzi, Zhu Rongrong and others. drama. The play tells about Chu Xuanzhang and Li Ziyong disciple Yu Sichang, who are born with "six consciousnesses", under the dual pressure of facing love and conspiracy of previous lives, and work together to create a lot of colorful and bloody storms. story.

Due to a thrilling conspiracy in the previous life, Xuan Yuan reincarnated from the Shura Star to a mortal, and became one of the five leaders of the five major schools. Under the lazy appearance of Chu Xuanzhang, she is a clear and cold heart. All kinds of causes and effects in the past life have made her lose six consciousnesses in this life, which is different from ordinary people. At the Flower Conference, Chu Xuanzhang and the help of Ze Gong, who helped the righteousness, formed a friendship, and since then, the two began a relationship. The Magic Temple Temple intended to seize the four spoons of the five major guards to rescue the magic domain to make no support, and then use the magic Jun Cehai to resurrect the magic brake star who was beheaded by the god of war in the heavenly world a thousand years ago. Series conspiracy.

Chu Xuanzhang, who was trained in the mountains, and twin sisters Chu Linglong, brother Zhong Minyan, and Yu Sifeng together, after various triggers, they helped the five major factions to defeat the demons' conspiracy together. During the process, Xuan Yuan realized that her six consciousnesses lost to their loved ones and friends. In order to protect the person she cared about, she looked for fragments of the bars and eight shortages, and gradually recovered the six consciousnesses. When Xuan Yuan returned to the six consciousnesses, the memory of the previous life opened. It turned out that she was the magic brake star of the demons. In the face of the reversal facts and the dispute between righteousness and evil, how should Xuan Yuan choose?

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"Liuli" is temporarily broadcast on Youku and Mango TV for the time being, and has not been broadcast on TV for the time being.

"Liuli" is a TV series starring Yin Tao and Mai Guanzhi and starring Cheng Yi, Yuan Bingyan, Liu Xueyi and others.

The play is adapted from the novel of the same name in Shiro, and it tells the two -conscious girl Chu Xuanyuan and Li Zeng's disciple Yu Sifeng, who are born with the incomplete "six consciousnesses". Very colorful fairy -tale legend.

It has not been broadcast on the TV platform. If it is not an accident, it is Hunan Satellite TV. You can ask Baidu to ask.