I just searched on Baidu. No brother ~~

However, from her play "Who said I don't care" to "The Father's Banner", I think she belongs to ordinary beautiful, and the face is compared with those small faces stars. Between 88 ~ 95 ~~~

Name: Li Xiaomeng

English name: Annable Lee

Birthday: 9.12

Constellation: Virgo

Blood type: o

Hobbies: Piano POP MUSIC SKATTING reading ...

Favorite sports: skating swimming

Favorite snacks: ice cream (white/pink better favorite)

Favorite color: white

Favorite fruits: durian

Favorite season: autumn

The country you want to go: Switzerland

Work you want to do: diplomat/lawyer

The biggest wish: Mom and Dad are healthy

The most memorable moment: Golden Rooster Awards Ceremony

Virgin: The movie "Who said I don’t care"

Famous work: The movie "Who said I don’t care"


1997 The 2nd Chinese Youth Singer Contest "First Prize"

In 1999, the "World Gymnastics Championship Chinese speaks foreign dialect" first place

In 2001, the first Chinese youth art newcomer selection "Popular Singing" Youth Group "Gold Award" (participating songs "Manjiang Ballad")

The 9th China Youth National Singer Contest "Excellent Award" (the participating song "Magic ESP")

10th China Youth National Singer Contest "Excellent Award"

The 10th "Golden Rooster Award" Best Supporting Actress Nomination Award (the movie "Who said I don't care")

The 4th "Golden Eagle Rookie Competition" rookie & the most media attention award in 2003


CCTV -8 Children's Program Host

1999 "21st World Gymnastics Championship" English host & English solo

Liaoning Satellite TV "Seven Stars Playing Ring"

Tianjin Satellite TV "Happy Turn"

Hunan Satellite TV "Happy Camp"

CCTV -8 "The Sound of the Film and Television"

I have gone to more than 20 countries for art exchanges

Main works:

Liu Meina

The movie "Who said I don’t care" Gu Xiaowen

"Beautiful Women's Neighbors" Manfa

"Dangerous Smart" Sang Wei

"I wish you a long time" Xu Li

"Miss Nurse" friendship guest appearance

TV "Women No longer silent"

"Faith" Li Ying

"Empty House" Li Zhen

"Empty Zi"

"Wife" friendship guest guest Ouyang Yumeng

"My Tears" "Tears" Yan An (in the hit)

"Perak Rainbow"

"All year"

"Father's Banner" (April 22, 2008, CCTV eight sets of golden stalls) as Zou Zhijiao

I also like him quite, but I think she has a 95 -face face. I am also 162, 90 pounds. I think I look thinner than her.

which one

One catty 2 or two.

Who is Li Xiaomeng?