The dream of becoming a Hollywood star, who came to Los Angeles, came to Los Angeles. Due to the unfamiliar life, he started to do part -time in the production company, and soon spent his whole body accumulation.When the mountain was exhausted, he encountered the prices of prostitution, and finally trembled on the road of flesh, satisfied the good -colored producer, and was coaxed by the "pink" male photographer.At a time, Adam provided services to the Ferlishan mansion John John, and the two couldn't help but fall in love with each other.John "raised" Adam beside him in the name of invitation assistant.And Adam, who is willing to sacrifice for love, is lost in the world of flowers in the colorful flowers.

The film is adapted from the semi -autobiographical novel of the same name, and the protagonist has experienced the scenery of the Hollywood scene with the protagonist, and the exposure of various strange hidden rules behind the exposure.Director Caspa Andres maintains the efficiency of one year and is a comrades director with very commercial value and artistic standards.His "love and breakup" and "gay musicals" are applauded and appointed."Floating Los Angeles" is a new sexy masterpiece brought by him, and it is the most entertaining gay blockbuster in 2011.