The finale was that the heroine recovered the identity of the lady, and her original host was a subordinate because of the rebellion.

"Next Girl" plot introduction:

The pure woman, Ensi (Quan Duyan) like white paper, longing for the noble life of the high society, and she was working in a small restaurant with a graduation certificate in the small restaurant with her childhood education certificate.

In order to change destiny and even use pregnancy as a means to improve your identity. For the relatively loose liberalized family, the appearance of the lower woman becomes an irresistible factor, like a bomb that may be detonated at any time.

In addition, Li Yinxin, the player of the lower girl, lived a character full of desire. On a sudden rainy night, the rain wet the woman's hair, and her entire body exudes a desire to erode everything. Her temptation made the heroine step by step to destroy.

The main character introduction of "Xia Nu":

Eni actor Quan Duyan

Eni was the representative of the subordinates in the background of the society at that time. With the purpose, she came to the big family, intending to set off the foundation of this noble family with her own strength. In the palm.

Honor actor Li Zhengzai

Xun is the male owner of the mansion. After the incest of the lower woman, he issued huge checks as compensation, representing the hypocrisy of the male power of the society at that time, and he looked down on his subordinates very much.

Yin Ji died in the injury in the escape. Before dying, he gave the emperor's decree to Renye, so that she would reply to her identity. Jin Zhiquan died in the ancestral hall, and Anonymous showed that he would not enter the palace. As for Yin and others were sentenced to different places as slaves.

Mother and daughter of Lantasa, shit and fighting back to the national mansion to find Renye, but Renye finally decided to leave the ring ...