It is a science fiction TV series produced by CW TV. The drama remakes the future youth of the well -known British science fiction drama in 1973. Directed by Danny Carton, starring Robbie Amel, Payton List, Luke Mitchell, Allen Yu and others.

Stephen James is a patient with sleep disturbances in the eyes of ordinary people. He often found himself in a completely strange environment when he woke up. This is not the only problem in Stephen. He can often hear a woman who can't see the naked eye to talk to him. The woman told him that he was communicating with him in a way of passing his mind. Stephen decided to meet this woman in order to clarify whether he was crazy. From this he met Kara, who had the ability to pass the heart and John, who had instant mobility, and the two were just two members hidden in the secret organization of the underground in Manhattan. It turned out that Stephen's sleep disorders were caused by his superpowers. Cara and John recruited Stephen, on the one hand, because government departments are capturing superpowers, and on the other hand, Stephen inherits his father's genes and will become the strongest ability in the future youth organizations.