"Let Bullet Fly" was released in Mainland China in December 2010. In the end, the box office was 676 million yuan (mainland China). It can be said that this movie is an important milestone in the career of Jiang Wen's career.

"Let Bullet Fly" has been a movie 10 years ago

If it is released now, it is difficult to reach 4 billion at the box office. If it is placed in the Spring Festival, it may not even be played by "The crowd". Director Jiang Wen's last "Evil is not pressed" and starred in the male god Peng Yuyan. The box office was 584 million. At that time, he lost to "I am not a medicine god". The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television may delete a lot of content, plus it is a very connotative movie, and it is a big male play. Large -scale deletions will cause unclear, let alone the box office.

"Let the bullets fly" cannot reach 4 billion

The final box office of "Let Bullet Fly" was 676 million. It was indeed a good movie at that time. Even if it was 5 times, it was more than 3 billion. I feel that the medicine god is still worse, and the box office cannot be higher than "I am not a medicine god". There are also "Operation Mekong" and "Red Sea Action". I personally feel that these two are better than "Let Bullets Fly", and it is impossible to exceed these two movies.

Although "Let the Bullets Flying" is excellent, the later "Wolf Warrior 2", "I'm Not the Medicine God", "Wandering Earth", "The Demon Children of Nezha" and other works are better; at the same time, the audience appreciates water The product is also gradually increasing. It is not a really good work. The audience will not buy it. Only those good and thoughtful masterpieces can attract attention. Enter the top three.

What is most criticized in Chinese movies is not to tell a story that makes people feel interesting and interesting

This is the helpless cause of a gambling watching for domestic movies. In the past, there were too few movies that can make people applaud. There are 200 million domestic movie box office. It is already a sky -high price. There is never a phenomenon -level domestic film. Of course, Feng Xiaogang's If you have a certain breakthrough, but you have a certain breakthrough, but It was just the last carnival of Feng's humor.

After this work came out, many Wen Qing just went to Jiang Wen's name.

There is no hope of holding too much sensory stimuli. But after watching the movie, including Douban, Time, Film Channel and other online media vision media, and even some street tabloids caught the movie, this movie has made this movie earn gimmick. The hormonal film of the Chinese people was full of limelight. The final box office was set at 600 million, breaking a series of Chinese film history records. There are the sought after by the media and film critics, the recognition of the audience, and the concentration of Jiang Wen's personal talent.

Personally, I think "Let Bullet Fly" is not Jiang Wen's pinnacle work

I think "The Devil is Coming" is his pinnacle. "Devil is here" adhering to his film scores. Through the treatment of civilians treating devils, it is easy to understand the content of the story, and the movie at the beginning of the movie also has a heroine shot. This bold and avant -garde shooting method Make this movie a classic.

Can't reach it. Because many people have watched the film "Let the Bullets Fly", and many players have this film, there is no need to watch it again.

It should be 4 billion, because this film is really classic.

I think that if it is released now, the box office should be able to reach 4. billion, because everyone now has the needs of watching movie, and this is also a very good work.

Of course, this is a good movie, no matter when the box office is released, it will be sold.