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Director: Laler Safi

Screenwriter: Lisa Ivans, Gabi Chiap

Starring: Sam Klavrine, Jeima Atden, Nicholas Murchie, Richard E. Grant, Henry Goodman, Rachel Stein, Jack Houston, Bill Nayi, Alman, Alman Da Rute, Patrick Gibson, Darren Clarke, Ed Birch, Lisa Evans, Richard Bevan, Gabi Chiap, Amanda Felbaque-Hanes

Lili Knight, Franciska Knight, Alfe Stewart, Jey Simpson, Paul Rate, Eddie Marson, Claudia Jesse, Stephani Him, Natalia Ryumina, Helen, Helen · McLlory, Libeca Purcell, Jerry Eyenus, Jack Lessey, Mills Richardson, Gordon Brown, Hug ' Hardington, Emma Connov, Celelian Harrison, Cathy Murphy, Krif Russell, Lee Whitlock

Type: plot, comedy, love, war

Production country/region: Britain, Sweden, France

Language: English, Hungary, Polish, French

Release date: 2016-09-11 (Toronto Film Festival), 2017-04-21 (UK)

Shop long: 117 minutes

Also known as: Written beautiful time (Hong Kong), their good time (Taiwan), their best, their best time, Their Finest Hour and a HALF, We HAPPY FEW

In 1940, the British War continued, and the enemy's air strikes were bombed every day.

The Film Department of the Information Bureau wants to enhance the morale and people's hearts, and start shooting political propaganda movies. In order to increase the women's views in the film, Catherine (Jeima Atden), who originally engaged Li (Sam Clafelin) wrote a script that praised the British heroine in Dunkirk.

The big man's Buckley met with gentle Catherine, and he had been in a dialogue and talked about each other. However, as the two experienced crazy drama and script together, the tacit and love seedlings quietly grown. However, the war continues to deteriorate, and the filming is also facing difficulties. Catherine has to face the fact that he is married ...