Literal meaning is better than others.

After extending, it means those who can predict the future.Generally, "prophets" are mentioned in Western religions.

The prophets are humans who have earlier studies and understanding or accurate predictions of the universe and human society or natural sciences in religious beliefs and worldly worlds.

The prophet is a idiom, and the pronunciation is xiān zhī xiān jué, which means that ① refers to the understanding of the development of things earlier than the average person.② Refers to people who know things before everyone.

The prophet is a Chinese vocabulary

The specific interpretation is as follows:

1. The understanding of the matter is earlier than ordinary people: prophets.

2. Religious leaders in Christianity and Judaism.


Interpretation: Knowing things before everyone.

Source: "Sun Tzu · Dian": "Therefore, Ming Junxian, so the move is victorious, successful from the people, the prophet also."Ping silent. "