So far, the magic movies that are good -looking: 10 movies can be recommended: "Fan Haixin", "Baron Hell Baron", "Narnia Legend", "Shushan Biography", "Dragon Knight", "Four Hundred Years of Affairs", " Harry Potter "," Pirates of the Caribbean "," Mummy "and" Rings King "

1 "Ring Ring" 2 "Harry Potter" 3 "Hobbit" 4 "The Legend of Nania" 5 "Pirates of the Caribbean" 6 "Fan Haixin" 7 "Mummy" 8 "Warcraft" 9 "Alice Fantasy Wonderland" 10 "Twilight".

"Twilight", "Night Visits Vampire", "Four Hundred Years", "The first year of Dracula", "Harry Potter", "Mummy", "The Legend of Nania", "Hobbit", "The Rings King", " Fan Haixin "" The Pirates of the Caribbean "'' '" Marvel "" The Legend of the Night "," Jurassic World "," Jurassic Park "," Bloodthirsty Magic "," Dream Giant "," Baron of Hell "," Love Eternal Life " Warrior "" Vampire Hunter Lincoln "

"The Rings Series", "Hobbit Series", "Narnia Legend Series", "Harry Potter Series", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Night Legend Series", "Reverse World", "Jurassic Park Series", "Golden Play Plate" "Dream Giant", "Avatar", "Warcraft", "Twilight", "Mummy Series"

Most of the magic themes I know are in the United States, and the better ones are "Captain America", "X -Men" and "Avengers".