Zhang Jiayi, born in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province on April 8, 1970, was born in Ankang, Shaanxi Province, and Chinese film and television actor. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 1991.

In 1990, he starred in the first movie "Magic Watch". In 1995, he starred in the TV series "Daobei" and played the role of Zhang Jianguo. In 2009, the role of "Song Siming" in the TV series "Snail House" became popular. In 2011, he starred in the TV series "Borrowing Gun" and won the 17th White Magnolia Best Actor Award with the corner of Xiong Kuohai.

In 2013, with his outstanding performance in "Floating", he won the 19th White Magnolia "Best Actor" Award; in the same year, he won the first The 29th China TV Drama Flying Awards Ceremony "Outstanding Actor" Award.

In 2014, he starred in the urban fashion emotional drama "One Servant and Two Lord" and starred in the New Emotional Drama "Everyone". On October 12, he won the 27th China TV Golden Eagle Award "Audience Actor Actor Award" and "Most Popular Actor Award" with the TV series "Police Curse". In 2016, the industry's medical drama "Emergency Doctor" and the movie "I'm Not Pan Jinlian" was released nationwide.

In 2017, "White Deer Plain" starring Zhang Jiayi and the artistic director was broadcast on May 10th, and was awarded the title of "China Anti -Abduction Obligation" in the same year. In 2018, he won the best actor in the 24th Huading Award in China.

On August 20, 2019, the 2019 Forbes China List was released, and Zhang Jiayi ranked 50th.

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Zhang Jiayi's personal life:

Zhang Jiayi grew up in Xi'an since he was a child and performed in Shaanxi Song and Dance Theater. In 1987, Zhang Jiayi graduated from high school and entered the sports school to practice wrestling. After that, he was admitted to the Shanghai Academy of Drama and the Beijing Film Academy at the same time. Finally, he chose the Beijing Film Academy Performance Department. In 1991, Zhang Jiayi graduated from his university and was assigned back to his hometown to enter the Xi'an Film Studio.

In 2004, Zhang Jiayi met and fell in love with his wife Wang Haiyan for cooperating with the TV series "National Mission". He married in 2007. On September 19, 2010, her daughter Zhang Yixin was born.

On August 6, 2020, the actor Zhang Jiayi was renamed Zhang Jiayi.

Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -Zhang Jiayi

Zhang Jia translated, born in Xi'an, Shaanxi on April 8, 1970, a Chinese film and television actor. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 1991. In 1990, he starred in the first movie "Magic Watch".

In 2009, Zhang Jiayi became popular through the role of Song Siming in "Snail House" and was well known. What people don't know is that he had filmed twenty years before that.

When Zhang Jia translated the young age, his appearance was not very prominent.

Today's 27 -year acting career, Qianji TV series has long been hone the actor's acting fire. Coupled with Zhang Jia's translation of almost no negative news, his popularity is inevitable.

There are too many beautiful goddess goddesses in the performing arts circle. Over the years, the audience has been tired of watching and began to turn to this actor with acting skills. This is also one of the reasons why Zhang Jiayi has become a hot topic on the Internet.

Many people know that Zhang Jiayi is probably through a popular domestic urban theme series- "Snail House". How much influence and popularity when the show was broadcast at the time, I believe many people have heard of it. Zhang Jiayi has always been a low -key and powerful acting school, so why isn't it suddenly so hot? Because such actors are more professional and pure, they do not buy hot search, do not have to hype, and do not have scandal. They just "devote themselves to research and buried farmland" in their professional fields. Zhang Jia's translation is mainly based on TV series, and rarely appears in movies. There are many high -scoring film and television works: back to the back, face -to -face, snail house, White Deer Plain, please forgive me, Daqing Salt Business, Dao Bei, 49th · Sacrifice , Yingpan Town Police, previous life, mission, cliffs, heart skills, seas, sacred mission, destiny, hundred -year past events, big life, etc., each work is good reputation and makes people talk about. Now many entertainment industry must have no acting skills, the face value is not worthy, and the stars who have no figure can be hot. Zhang Jia translated such a fire.

Zhang Jia was famous for his middle age. He was a sports student before, and later admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, but he was replaced by others. Fortunately, he was not discouraged and was accepted by Nortel. After remarried with Wang Haiyan, his career ushered in the peak, and he also had his warm little home.

Zhang Jiayi was famous for filming "Snail House". At that time, the drama reflected the social reality and caused heated discussions. The role he played in it.

Relying on my solid acting skills, constantly polishing works, and slowly embark on the road of fame.