The biggest defeat of Hong Jinbao's "Uncle Zombie" is that Lin Zhengying did not appear. This is the biggest problem of this movie. Of course, the plot of "Uncle Zombie" is quite good. The box office afterwards also proves that this is a good work, and it has also been liked by many audiences.

Hong Jinbao can be described as a legendary existence. He is not only a everyone in Kung Fu, but also a good actor in filming many comedy movies. Some time ago, Hong Jinbao posted a photo he had lost, which caused many netizens to sigh. The martial arts stars who watched that year were already old. This is the end of an era and the end of many people's youthful memories. Of course, this can only show that the audience still recognizes Hong Jinbao and likes Hong Jinbao and the movies he has shot.

Hong Jinbao even made a zombie film when the fire was on fire. The zombie film filmed at the time was called "Uncle Zombie". At the beginning, this film was invited to invite Lin Zhengying to shoot, but it was not requested. In theory, Lin Zhengying was regarded as an actor from the Hong family. It was so good to shoot a zombie film. Go to participate. However, the bad was bad at the time of Lin Zhengying's work, "One Eyebum" and Hong Jinbao's "Uncle Zombie" conflict.

Another reason to say is Lin Zhengying, the director of the film "One Eye Too". Lin Zhengying was really too busy at the time, so he rejected Hong Jinbao's invitation. In the end, he did not go to the filming of the "Uncle Zombie". Although the box office of "Uncle Zombie" was not bad later, I have to say that Lin Zhengying's zombie film is still bad. Therefore, some netizens said that the biggest defeat of "Uncle Zombie" was that Lin Zhengying did not invite Lin Zhengying to participate. I think this is reasonable.

Based on the above, Lin Zhengying did not go to the film "Uncle Zombie". It is a pity. After all, many years later, although this film is not bad, but the classic character of the zombie film Lin Zhengying is missing.