At the end of the play, Mu Beibei and Lu Yunfei, played by Han Xue, came together.

Lu Yunfei is a person who does not express emotions but is too attached to emotions. Those who have seen love can see that Lu Yunfei's personality is always not slow, making people angry and compassion. He is a person who is not good at coaxing girls. But because of the depression in North and North, all kinds of coaxing her. When he twisted North and North in Yuli, Lu Yunfei showed an attitude, but his love for North North was deep in his heart.

A 100 % good man in Lin Lizhong drama, coincidentally, met an ordinary girl, but this girl let him know the return of happiness, so he decided to use extraordinary love to love her, and finally he for her for her for her for her. In the end, he was for her for her. Choosing to give up, he chose to make her choose happiness. At this point, everyone thinks that Lin Lizhong is a 100 % good man, but Lu Yunfei is not, he is heartache for her, and he chooses to give up for her.

And the heroine Mu Beibei is a very good and very hard -working girl, but she is very stubborn. Because of her positive efforts, her attitude towards life. Only the other two actors were so fond of him.

The two actors of the entire drama are very good, one is not slow, and the other is calm and excellent. Fortunately, the play is made of two endings. The Chinese version of the Chinese version and the Singapore version are different in the end. The Chinese version of Mu Beibei finally came together with Lu Yunfei. The Singapore version finally came with Lin Lizhong.