"Bruce Legend", China International Television Corporation and CCTV Literary and Art Program Center jointly released. The play tells the journey of Bruce Lee to learn martial arts in his youth, grew up in the United States, and finally enter Hollywood. After watching this movie, you can understand that Bruce Lee's contribution to the Chinese, especially overseas Chinese, is very great. Wang Xiaobo also remembers when he wrote to study abroad. In the eyes of foreigners, especially the old beautiful eyes, the Chinese are all like Bruce Lee. I can do it and be able to fight. This is the fame of Bruce Lee. Lin Yanni recalled Bruce Lee and said that at the time in the United States, everyone was looking for him.

In the 1940s, a world -class martial arts star was born in a hospital in San Francisco, but only 32 years later, the star of martial arts that shined in the East left the world overnight. His life is short, but he has made great contributions to the achievements of Chinese martial arts and film in my country. He is the famous kung fu star in modern Chinese history -Bruce Lee!

When Bruce Lee first arrived in the United States, this was not the case. In the United States, which is known as "freedom and equality", the Chinese are unreasonable discrimination. In the context of superstition, Bruce Lee went to the United States and taught English from an early age. It was named Zhen Fan, all to avoid evil. Li's father dreamed that the devil would take his son. He had died before him, so he used so many false elephants to blind the devil and even send Bruce Lee to the United States.

But his opportunity to leave was a hero to save the United States. At a private ball, Bruce Lee subdue several unreasonable British sailors. In order to avoid the investigation of the Hong Kong and British governments, Li's father took out his birth certificate and entanglement to him. In the United States, he was born in the United States and belongs to the American citizen.

Like all Chinese people who have arrived in the United States, Bruce Lee washed the dishes in a Chinatown restaurant. Just like the plot of many martial arts films, the knights are there, and the trouble is to follow. Dissatisfied, it was a wonderful fight, and then the boss fired him, paid him for two weeks, and dismissed the fee and suggested that he go to study.

Bruce Lee first arrived in college, and the Chinese were still discriminated against. He taught several white classmates in the gymnasium to start class and fight, so he met his wife Linda later.

When it comes to this movie, I have a complicated and heavy heart. This is a documentary that records the dazzling world of kung fu from the world. In 1984, the American filmmaker was filmed in 1984 to commemorate Bruce Lee's death. I feel very good for the evaluation of this movie. The plot logic is clear and reasonable, and the rhythm is full. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the actor who plays "Bruce Lee" in the play is really much like Bruce Lee! This film has given many audiences more intuitive memories and mourning his opportunities, and he is better remembered after promoting Chinese kung fu and culture.

Bruce Lee's father is an actor, so Bruce Lee has loved the actor's profession since he was a child. He began to perform at the age of 6. Before an adult, he performed the character of naughty ghosts because of his age, and also in line with his childhood personality. When he grew up, he began to like Kung Fu. At that time, he advocated martial arts, so he learned hard after worshiping the teacher.

After Xuewu, he played a kung fu movie in Hong Kong and the United States. Because he not only had good acting skills and better kung fu, the movies he played were sold at the box office, and he was also very hot. But when he was at the peak, he died suddenly. Although he still imitated him for his tribute in the years after his death, he could not surpass him in the end. He always had a position in the hearts of countless people and could not be replaced.

Bruce Lee is my idol. I have watched this movie repeatedly many times, and I have always remembered it. At the end of the film, Mrs. Li Bruce Lee's paintings said: "Twenty years have passed, many people are still asking how Xiaolong dies, but I prefer to remember how he lives!" Every time I saw this, I was unhappy, and I was so sad that I couldn't help sighing that a generation of heroes such as him, sadness. Who doesn't know what will happen tomorrow, and cherish the present is the most important thing.

The "Legend of Bruce Lee" filmed in 1984 is a documentary recorded by Bruce Lee Li Bruce Lee from life to death. In Bruce Lee's house, his father is also an actor. Bruce Lee was influenced by his father since he was a child, and he began to participate in the film at the age of 6. At first he played the role of orphans and naughty ghosts.

Until he was an adult, he went to worship the master of teaching kung fu and learned a good effort. Starring Kung Fu movies in Hong Kong and the United States. The movies starring Bruce Lee were very successful. Therefore, when he died suddenly and the media reported the news, countless people crowded the road by the road to see his spirit.

After his death, someone constantly imitated him, but no one surpassed him. A few years after his death, magazines in various countries talked about kung fu and martial arts films to praise him. As the movie said at the end of the movie, "Bruce Lee died, but his heroic soul lasts."

As a documentary, I think this film has been objectively and vividly told Bruce Lee's life. The movie summarized Bruce Lee's success, and did not ignore his frustration period in the United States.

There are also many scenes of Bruce Lee to participate in film shooting fighting in the film. Looking at his lively appearance and movements, especially looking at his iconic dress: wearing a yellow tights fighting, it is as if he is still alive. The film also interviewed the friends around Bruce Lee, and also provided another perspective to understand the real personality of Bruce Lee and his movie life. For example, a friend described Bruce Lee that he was also an active person who was not quiet at rest time.

The film also made me who had known to Bruce Lee in the past that he learned more about his life and the purpose of his films -promoting Chinese kung fu and Chinese culture.

The characters played by Bruce Lee in adulthood are often Chinese who are wandering outside and are not treated. And he crushed the intentions of those bullying people every time. The success of his films has indeed helped him promote Chinese kung fu and culture. I admire this.

"Bruce Legend", China International Television Corporation and CCTV Literary and Art Program Center jointly released. The play tells the journey of Bruce Lee to learn martial arts in his youth, grew up in the United States, and finally enter Hollywood. It is a very classic movie.

The glory of martial arts and his life in just 30 years, more than half of the time and thinking are paid to kung fu, unremitting theoretical thinking, constantly going to the elderly in accordance with his own, persisted in training, and constantly pursuing surpassing yourself is secret. Uninvited.

From this point, it clearly reflects the love, firmness and persistence in his bones. Each of us knows that even if all the short life is dedicated to any point in this world, it is not enough time. However, we often forget this and often move.

Love, firm and persistence, if you have this, I think, even if you can't achieve Bruce Lee in martial arts, we can achieve the "little dragon" in other fields

"No boundary is boundary, infinite is limited." I don't know if this extends from his philosophy to the field of martial arts, or from the field of martial arts to philosophical categories. He fully jumped out of the barriers of the martial arts portal and let himself be placed in an open space. As long as he can use it for me, he can use the long and long, and then go to pseudo the truth. This "truth" is practical for the purpose of actual combat.

In his eyes, the body is just a tool, a machine without thought, he has this machine, but this machine continues to improve himself under many guidance and surpass his original functions and functions.

If Bruce Lee is a train, then love is its motivation, and firmness and persistence are his direction. There is a banner of his thoughts in the car. However, many of us have noticed the rapid and height of its Mercedes. But did not notice the word "unbounded" on its banner.

A good topic, plot and many stars joined. A large number of film and television special effects in the play show the maximum extent the essence of martial arts and exotic style of Chinese martial arts.

The play team was filmed in Hong Kong and Macau, the United States, Canada, Italy, and Thailand along the footprint of Bruce Lee. While letting the audience appreciate Bruce Lee ’s kung fu, they can also feel the different and distinctive scenery and folk customs in various regions.

The plot tells that Bruce Lee had no intention to learn his career when he was young, but fascinated with martial arts, and he also played a movie with his father as a child. He failed to fight with Huangpi boy in a street fight. Since then, he worshiped Master Ye's name and learned martial arts, such as hunger and thirst, and even crazy. At the age of seventeen, he had just touched the boxing and won the boxing champion of Hong Kong.

Ms. Xu Diya, the owner of the restaurant, is a spokesperson for Chinese community with a female politician. She saw Bruce Lee as a young compatriot. When he resigned from Bruce Lee's restaurant, he lent Bruce Lee to only maintain a month's livelihood. The US dollar gave Bruce Lee with a tone of a compatriot and the elder.