The drama covers all kinds of tragedy and comedy about Chinese families, telling the story of Yanchuan and Mi Jia, the couple, and the couple, and finally let the two families reconcile.

The fierce conflict of the episode of "Chinese Family" shows an extreme family contradiction. The plot of the whole drama is compact, ups and downs, and the clues are complicated. The story is close to the people. The play shows intricate family contradictions, and at the same time reveals the theme of the new desire in the new era of society in the impact of love and lust.

Yan Chuan is the only son of the family. In the concept of the Chinese people, "there is no filial piety, there is no afterwards", so Mi Jia, who has never been a child and aunt, can only swallow the sound of "hen who does not put eggs". When the marriage with Yanchuan was about to end up, the news of pregnancy suddenly came out, saving the lives of the two.

Mi Jia gave birth to a girl, but was replaced by Mi Qiang, a younger brother who did not want to lose his rich brother -in -law. Unexpectedly, this child was actually Mi Qiang's illegitimate child. The root of the disaster. In the subsequent misunderstandings, misunderstandings, quarrels and abuse, in a series of intricate contradictions, Mi Jia moved her mother -in -law with love and enthusiasm. In the end, the two were as good as the beginning.