The first is worthy of our big boss. Blood ancestor, seventh ancestor, death angel Azrael's throat

Second Jewish old man Abraham Setrakian

The third is our popular king. The national idol Qinlan is handsome and powerful. The most special existence of the sons of human and blood ancestors and blood races, the combat effectiveness is amazing

The fourth person in the Human Corps in the whole drama of the Silver Angel Blood, the strongest person.

Because of loneliness, Cain created his offspring, this is the second generation of vampires. There are 13 offspring of the second generation of vampires. These 13 vampires are called third -generation vampires. The third -generation vampire is the survivor of Noah's flood. They established 13 different vampire clans and rebelled their parents -the second -generation vampire. The age of the third -generation vampire is almost as long as the history of human beings, and their ability has increased with the increase of age. They claim to have the power that can be comparable to the gods, and they have become the main leaders of several generations of vampires in the future. Today, today, the blood of the blood race has reached the thirteenth to the fifteenth generation. Because they must maintain their lives in the way of absorbing blood, they are also called "blood".

Under this condition, the seven vampire clan began to form an alliance, forming the Camarilla, and the Secret Party Alliance established six vampires. Ring.