"Executive Sword" is directed by Wang Gong and starring Lu Jiarong, Tan Kai, Wang Cong, Dan Lin and others.

The play tells that Zuo Lin, a female executive judge of the Mingzhou Municipal People's Court, encountered Zheng Huaishan, a university teacher who had not seen him for many years. The surface of Zheng Huaishan is a director of the Chinese Law School, but the actual manipulator behind the "Mingshan Department" of the business community. Zuo Lin and Zheng Huaishan fought with wisdom, and eventually made his story.


Zuo Lin (Lu Jiarong) is a female executive judge of the Special Executive Office of the Mingzhou People's Court. The opponent encountered when performing the Yongjia Real Estate case was Zheng Huaishan (Tan Kai), a university teacher who had not seen many years. Dream in college. A woman took legal as a weapon, and a man took the law as a weapon, so he started a long relationship, justice and evil confrontation between the two.

Yongjia Real Estate is a key engineering project of the municipal government. It should be profitable, but there is huge losses and liabilities. As a result, the court's judgment compensation cannot be implemented. And this money was actually embezzled by Zheng Huaishan to save the "Hengshan Department" company that saves the imbalance. Zuo Lin started a long path of implementation based on the breakthrough of pursuing the funds of Yongjia Real Estate.

From Yongjia Real Estate to Rongda Trust, and then to Fukang Consultation and Chongtai Machinery, Zuo Lin seemed to be in an invisible big network, stepped into Zheng Huaishan's designed legal trap step by step, and fell into the execution deadline again and again. Although Zuo Lin encountered all kinds of intimidation, in the end, she defeated her emotions and sent her teacher Zheng Huaishan to prison, defending the fairness of the law.