War category: 1. Baron of Red Baron (Manfred von Richthafen-Nazi German Ace Pilot's biographical movie, very good and good)

2. Glory years (the original film name Indigènes director Lacid Bochara)

3. Pot craftsman, tailor, soldier, spy (also very good)

4. Resistance (Daniel Craig)

5. Battle Rules (Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel Jackson)

6. Air Battle British (Flyboys starring: James Franco, Martin Henderson, Jean Renault)

7. War Horse (although the theme of this movie is different, it is worth seeing)

8. Father's banner (Director: Clint Eastwood, I like the director very much, his movies are very characteristic)

9. Deepen the enemy (this early, you should have seen it)

10. The method of war (starring: Kuba Guding's movie is not a war film in the pure sense, but it is very reflected)

11. The King of War (Nicholas Cage, I don’t know if you have seen it, it is also a reflection on the war)

12. Green Area (Starring: Matt Damon Greg Kingsir is worth seeing)

13. Restrepo (this is a documentary, very real and shocking)

14. The last train (Corazón de Fuego (2002) This movie was watched by me on the movie channel. Although the shooting method is plain, the storyline is good)

15. Last death (Recommended "The Last Drop"!)

16. Intimate enemies (France, released in 2007, reflecting the Algerian independence war "L'ennemivingime" is also a good movie))

17. Assassination of Hitler (beautiful soup movies, of course, how do you see the movie you understand)

18. Lion entering the Yangkou (starring the soup and Merrier Stricp, the movie is very good, of course, you must exclude a lot of extra dialogue. I hope you can persist in watching it. The movie is based on some reflection made by the Afghan war war. , Especially the professor starring Robert Redford can resonate)

19. The last samurai (still Liang Tang's movie, this movie is still available)

Ordinary action movies: 20. The thief in the city (Ben Afflek's self -directed and self -directed, the most well -known starring in "Pearl Harbor")

21. Flat (Starring: Anthony Hopkins Ryan Goslin)

22. Stealing the trap (starring Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones)

23. The enemy of the public (Depp)

24. Tiger Dragon Weilong Viagra Series (Bruce Willis)

25. Deadly distance (Bruce Willis)

26. Loneliness (Murder Case)

27. Tourist (acting in Julie and Depp)

28. Stealing the day (Sally Selon, Mark Wryberg, Cyan Green, Edward Norton, Jason Stanzon)

29. Federal Adjustment Bureau (Matt Damon)

30. American X Archives (Edward Norton)

31. Cat Woman

32. Perfect stranger (Harry Berry)

33. Swordfish operation (Harry Berry)

34.x Men's Police Series

35. Walk with the devil (Brad Pitharison Ford)

36. American gangster (Danzel Washington)

37. Breakthrough is the island (Sean Connery Cage)

38. "Time and Space" (Danzel Washington "Virtuosity")

39. "Human Bone Puzzle" (Danzel Washington Julie)

40. Training Day (Tanzer)

41. Erri's book (Danzel, this is also a very inspiring movie)

42. Limited time hunting ("OUT of Time" is still Tanzer's)

43. Black Prison Fengyun (also known as "Undead Qianlong" Steven Stege)

44. Scar Face Star (El Pasino)

45. Fire Fire Line (El Pasino)

46. ​​Devil spokesperson (El Pasino)

47.88 minutes ("88 Minutes" El Pasino

48. Traitor (El Pasino)

49. After reading, I will incinerate (Brad Pitt)

50. Fighting Club

51. Twelve house killer (too classic)

52. Vulgar novels (very beautiful)

53. American past (movie you must watch)

I have recommended these movies I have seen, and there are many I ca n’t remember the name, I just remember some scenes, huh, but these are already classic.

Hollywood and other countries' action blockbusters: Iron Man, Wonderful Four, National Treasures, Speaking of Life and Death, Mission Impossible, Jedi Men, Extreme Agent, the first drop of blood, black man, heaven, machine warning, machine warning, machine warning, machine warning, machine warning, machine warning, machine warning Spider -Man, human weapon, hacker empire, recreation of warriors, transformers, planet wars, treasure winners, terminists, ultimate fighters, Batman, biochemical crisis, mummy, mad python disaster, speed and passion, wizards, boxing bully, boxing bully , Very human trafficker, anger attacking, magical four heroes, Perak Jiaowa, violent neighborhood, national treasure, kill Bill, Tomb Li shadow, Caribbean pirates, these are both series, at least two. They are all action movies, and they are classic. The favorite is Iron Man. In addition, there are several people who like dragons, the rise of special forces cobra, Captain America, Death Team, Green Lantern, Iron Blood Warrior, Ultimate target, Fire Wars, Blood and Bone, Broken Arrow, Sword Fish Action, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard, Fire Bodyguard. Assassin alliance, face change (winning noodles), real lies, rushing to Longtan, cutting throat island, and so on. These are my personal collections. You can see it, it is worth seeing!

Of course, recent Mission Impossible 4. Great Detective Holmes 2 and Geosure Adventures 2 fry, I am also downloading it, haha

What do the first two level 4 and seven levels do so much? The worldwide agent drama "Spy" series and the "007" series are fine.