There is a fourth part, which is preparing to shoot.

It is reported that during the shooting of "Biochemical Crisis: After the Restricted Life" in Australia, the fourth film of the series has quietly begun to prepare.Obviously, CAPCOM and producer Sony Entertainment has already seen through this series of game adaptation movies that still have oil and water.Therefore, all the remaining value of "Resident Evil" will be willing to be willing.According to relevant sources, the shooting of the fourth episode of "Resident Evil" has been handed over to a German company called Constantin Film Ag.The background of the story is likely to be transferred from the United States to Japan.Such news is also worth looking forward to "biochemical fans"!

Ha ha ... there should be a fourth part .. Playing the game likes it

Here is online playback


Laying Biochemical 4 .... Finally, I saw a large group of cloned people Eris

It's so cool and cool