We often see that many people are talked about because of emotional intelligence issues, and emotional intelligence is indeed a very important thing. Whether in the workplace or in ordinary life, a high emotional intelligence can often be developed better. The same is true in the entertainment industry. I often see some people offending people because of their words, or they will show some big names. When these things are exposed, they often mean that a person will be cool. Of course, there are often some wars on Weibo. Today, I will introduce a person who has not paid attention to speaking and destroyed the way out.

Liu Ximing won the runner -up of the singing contest when he debuted. This honor directly signed TVB, so he was favored, and then appeared in many TV series. Relying on the face value and talent, I quickly obtained a lot of fans, the recognition of all people, and it is also a very humble person, so it is inevitable to win. Not only is he respectful of his predecessors, but he is not forgotten and carrying the future generations. For example, he is Gu Tianle's Bole.

At that time, he and Jackie Chan participated in the party together. Everyone would accompany a assistant around him, and his assistant was just Gu Tianle. The relationship between the two is very good, so he asked: Why your image is so good and can also endure hardships. It is excellent in all aspects. The answer given by Gu Zai was no time, so he inspired that he would adhere to his fantasy. Even if he did not do it in the end, it was also a very clever experience about life. After that, Gu Zai was under his revelation and then did he only only be under his inspiration. Entering the circle and shooting the work.

However, such a humble person has been forced to withdraw from the wrong words for a few years. At that time, he and Zhou Huimin collaborated on "Blood Sword". The two were couples on the two people, so after being broadcast, the response was very good. When the media asked how he treated Zhou Huimin, he also expressed his viewing. This is a word -of -the -world word, but in the ears of others, especially Zhou Huimin's boyfriend. So he presented the "tumor". At that time, he couldn't stand the pressure of remarks, so he exited the entertainment circle in Hong Kong and changed the market.

Now that he has put down this matter, he has appeared in many film and television dramas. In the "Splendid Weiyang" two years ago, his wonderful performance was played. He played Tuobayu. Essence It can be seen from the media's interview that he really put down the previous thing, and time made him grow a lot. He also said that he had seen the media very angry, but now there is no problem now. Even if there is a different name, he can carry it, which shows that time can really grow us.

He is Gu Tianle's Bole, but was named "tumor" for a praise. Now Liu Ximing is also very good. After arriving in Taiwan, Liu Ximing quickly reappeared from Dongshan, quickly became popular, and also harvested his love. He Famous and fortune in the entertainment industry is not attached to the entertainment industry, and gradually shifted the focus of work to the mainland. It also reduced the interview, started a sideline, opened a shop as a boss.

Liu Ximing is Gu Tianle's teacher. The early acting career was smooth and lucky, but he was called "tumor Ming" to quit the entertainment industry in Hong Kong because of his speaking offenders. Now he has put down this matter, and he has appeared in many film and television dramas. Time has grown a lot,

Liu Ximing is still working hard to pick up the drama. He has already put down his previous things. It was a pity that he had played a role in "Splendid Weiyang" before.

Now Liu Ximing has slowly faded out of people's attention, and rarely appears in front of the public, and it is relatively calm.