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"Finger Shinto"

Director: Xu Shixing

Starring: Zhao Yizheng, Ran Chen, Liu Yaqiao, Shi Yifan

Type: comedy, action

Production Country/Region: Mainland China

Language: Chinese Mandarin

Release date: 2018-10-06 (Mainland China)

Shop long: 114 minutes

The film tells that Zhang Tietong, a special agent of the Gunner, was tired of killing his career. He was naive and kind, and he was sincere and straightforward. However, I just wanted to be an ordinary people's Tietong, which accidentally obtained the super power "finger magic", which made him have to embark on the road of superhero, and often caused self -explosion due to huge energy. Therefore, he had to bring the doubts of "why he had magical power" and embarked on the road to find a talented person who abolished martial arts, until he encountered the wayward daughter of the poisonous king Cheng Cheng 嗔 — Princess Qian Fang, a chattering thing 痨Essence She and Tietong's personality are very different, letting him see the hope of abolishing martial arts. Unfortunately, not only did he abolish martial arts, but his ability became stronger and stronger, and also attracted the hunting of Duan Zhenglong, who wanted to reshuffle modern martial arts.