Inferiority: The ancients pay attention to the three outlines and five constants. "Three Outlines", "Jun is the Society of Sundays", "Father is the Outline", and "Husband as the Wife"; The main loyalty to the monarch must be loyal to parents, friends, and people. In modern times, infidelity has another meaning. The so -called infidelity is the emotional attitude between couples.

Filial filial piety: The most important charges of the Three Kingdoms, the two Jin Dynasty, and the Northern and Southern Dynasties were the ten felony stipulated in the "Northern Qi Law", namely "Ten C first".

Not benevolence: 1. There is no kindness and thick virtue; brutal. 2. Extension is not decent. 3. Refers to the body numbness of the skin and not spiritual. 4. Pulze. "Mencius. Teng Wen Gong Shang ":" Yang Hu said: 'For the rich and not benevolence, for the sake of benevolence.' "Zhao Qi Note:" The rich gathers, the benevolent is good, and the Tao cannot be gathered. Regardless of others.

Unjust: Refers to beating and killing the chiefs (generally referring to the chief of the state and county). Refers to the killing between the officials, the soldiers killing the chief, the student killed the teacher, the woman heard that her husband died without mourning or immediately remarried. Source: "Lu's Spring and Autumn · Dangbing": "Select the soldiers of the soldiers, concise and concubine, full -time and meritoriousness, to signs unjust."

For the people who do not play against their monarchs, are unfaithful, and return to others, they are not righteous, depending on people's lives, and wantonly harming the soul, not benevolent, and the mother's grace is not returned. Read the Confucian classics

Loyalty and Renyi are the ethics advocated by Confucianism, loyalty to loyalty to the monarch, filial piety to their parents, benevolence is the love for others, meaning is decent, conforming to justice, conforming to justice

The criminal chaos is not loyal, the thief is a father's filial piety, the killing of innocence is not the same, and the disrespectful teacher is injustice.

There is no heart of love is not benevolent

No national justice is injustice

Surveying, defecting, and infertility of criminals.

There is no filial piety for parents for filial piety