"Avoiding Live 3" is also known as "Return to Living Deadly 3"


Curt (J. Trevor Edmond) who lost his mother lived with his father. His father John (Kent McCord) was busy working all day at the military science base. The abused Julie (Melinda Clarke) was his girlfriend as his girlfriend. Essence One day, Curt took his father's key card and entered his father's base with his girlfriend, and witnessed the experiment that his father hosted to resurrect the dead. An accident occurred in the middle of the experiment, and John was about to be transferred. John returned home and told Curt to move. Curt was reluctant to his girlfriend. After quarreling with his father, he took his girlfriend and drove away. He encountered a car accident and Julie was killed.

Curt remembered his father's base when he was sad. CURT escaped the base after the resurrection of the base. After John found out, he immediately led the troops to chase out. Curt conflicted with the gangster Santos in the store and fled the sewer. After the resurrection, Julie needs to consume the human brain intake. It is just that Santos and others chase, and Julie won the group of gangsters. It happened that John came, and all the "zombies" fell under the freezer and were brought back to the base.

In the laboratory, Curt saw Julie's heartbroken in the cage, knocking down the experimenters in an attempt to rescue his girlfriend. When panic, the "zombie" touched the switch, all the sealed "zombies" were released, the alarm sounded suddenly, and the base was in chaos. The base is closed. Curt looked at the bite of the zombie and felt that the big event had gone. He joined hands with his girlfriend into the fire http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_xmzuxmtgznti=.html ...

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"Avoiding a person 3"

Return of the Living DEAD III (1993)

Return to the Return of the Living Dead Part 3 ~


Cart is the son of military scientists, and his father resurrected the deceased in the army with special potions. A special girlfriend Julie died in a car accident. In order to resurrect his girlfriend, he used his father's special technology to return Julie to the soul, but I did not know that this technology could not make the dead truly resurrected. Zombies. .. .. Essence

I've seen it, "Avoiding Lives 3"

I remember not very scary, it is very classic

Return to life 3

Return to life 3

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