Nine metaphors of "Pan Shen's Maze":

1. The scene where the colonel was cut into the mouth was derived from a tradition. When the British in the past treated the rebelrs, they would use a knife to draw the enemy's mouth into a smile on both sides of the two sides, so as to indicate punishment.

2. The name of the hostess ofelia (Opelia), conceived from the character of the same name in Shakespeare's famous drama "Hamlet" to imply the tragic fate of the character.

3. When the heroine and Colonel first met for the first time, because the right hand could only shake hands with her school with her left hand with her right hand, the colonel was severely criticized. The scene was exactly the same.

4. In "Pan Shen's Maze", you can see the style of the fairy tale masters Andersen and Wilde. The heroine was tortured before his death. He died after death, and saw the similar point of the little girl selling matches.

5. The weird scene in the film and the fairy tale book have a profound influence. TheScienceoffarytales "Passporttothesupernatural" has a very detailed interpretation of the origin and creative concept of fairy tales in the world.

6. Director Gilmomer Toro seems to like to show the death of children very much, and there are scenes of children who have been killed in the same MIMIC as the movie.

7. The ancient trees perpaded by toads. If you look closely, the shape is actually exactly the same as Pan Shen's head (including the halo).

8. Paleman and Pan Shen Faun are actually the same person. Paleman can be said to be Pan Shen's test of Ophelia.

9. The lobby of the blood feast of Paleman is actually the violent convergence of Colonel Vidal, and the feast scenes of the two are the same on the screen composition.