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Best Original Songs Year Organization Award Category 2014 3rd Boston Online Film Reviewers Association Award Best Cartoon Awards 2014 20th Reviewer Choice Award Best Animation Long Word Award Nomination Best Song Award

"Everything is awesome" Nomination 2014 27th Chicago Film Reviewer Association Award Best Animation Module Award 2015 68th British Film Academy Award Best Animation Winners 2014 Houston Film Reviewers Association Award Best Cartoon Awards Best Movie Song Award 2014 Dandu Film Reviewer Association Award Best Cartoon Award Best Movie Song Winners The 26th US Producer Award Best Cartoons The 65th American Movie Trimming Trade Union Award Movie The Best Call Award Winning 42nd Annie Award Best Opera Winner Best Director Nomination Best Animation Effects Best Clip Best Animation Long Slice The 87th Oscar Gold Image Award Best Original Song Nominations The 87th Oscar Awards Ceremony February 22, 2015 ( Sunday) was held in the Los Angeles Dolby Theater. When the award ceremony is performed to the best song singing, artists from New York, USA, awarded the "Little Golden" trophy made of Lego Building blocks for many actors. Merlier Strip, Emma Stone, and Charen Tutum and other stars and photo of Lego version "Xiaojin".

The Lego artist from New York named Nathan Sawaya, who was invited by the "Le Gao Movie" movie team, bringing special eggs for Oscar Awards. Savana said herself for these "Little Golden", spend a few days in its studio. Each "small gold" is bonded by 500 music high blocks. After the award ceremony, Savana is still still concerned, if you can, I am happy to make a lot of Lego version of the whole Oscar awards ceremony.