The novel "Old Nine Gates" and the novel "Tomb Raider" are written by the same author Nanpai Sanshu. "Old Nine Gates" belongs to the prequel of "Tomb Robbery Notes".

The characters in this play have mixed emotional relationships, and the characters in the play have a patriotic heart. In terms of acting, some popular stars have been selected, and some stars' acting skills still need to be improved. In the props and some plots, there are some people who want to vomit, such as the Peking Opera Yu Ji in February Red. The plot of the entire TV series is also a bit procrastinating, and some of them cannot be contacted with the next episode. The special effects of the TV series are also a bit lacking enough. It looks false and is easy to play. The description of the storyline in the novel is more detailed, and the atmosphere is in place, giving people an immersive feeling. However, in the TV series, the storyline is directly described, there is no central thought, and there is no atmosphere. The TV series version of "Old Nine Gates" and the novel version of "Old Nine Gates" are like a cup of cool and red wine.

The TV series "Old Nine Gates" has done a good job in publicity, but the actual content does not achieve the effect that the audience wants, which makes people feel disappointed. If you want to see it, it is recommended to read the novel version of "Old Nine Gates".

First of all, I am not a original party, but I have not seen the novels, so I have never seen novels, so I simply evaluate it from the perspective of the audience: The drama "Old Nine Gate" is better than the traffic drama. It is a very general level in the web drama. Still the friendship of the starring actors.

First of all, some plots are really embarrassing and procrastinating.

The most obvious is the play of February Red and the girl, it is really slow! I ’m getting sick and buying medicine to sleep and buy snacks ~ Yes, and noodles, I do n’t know how many times I have eaten the bowl of water! And can two people have no deep feel at all! Hardevity is forcibly brushed deeply. Personally, I feel that the CP has a stronger CP and Chen Pi. At least Chen Pi has the beginning and end of the feelings of the girl. The audience can see it clearly and be able to substitute. Non -book fans are completely unclear from the drama.

In addition to the procrastinating plot, the messy things talk about it for a long time, that is the actor's acting problem. Yuan Bingyan is really only suitable for the type of Mary Su without a brain drama "White School Flowers and Long Legs". It does not feel like the character set. Knowing the high, the line skills cannot be talked about! Zhang Yixing was embarrassed when she was in the show. I didn't know if it was infected?

Secondly, after the show was broadcast, the focus was on love? Isn't this an adventure suspense drama?

"Old Nine Gates" is the prequel to the grave robbing notes. It is not exactly talking about the grave robbers. It is more about the inextricable relationship between the nine gates of Changsha and a series of contributions to the anti -Japanese background in the background of the anti -Japanese anti -Japanese background. Essence but! Why can't I see how affectionate the February Red is after the show is how handsome Chen Weiting or how sweet the Qiyue couple is. In the play, how many peach blossoms do Er Ye can be remembered by the girl.蒽? A non -book fan knows that the focus is not here. Is this an idol romance drama wearing the theme of tomb robbers?

Then, the protagonist's aura is really bright and blind! Jiumen is a grave robbing, isn't it not bad?

I still remember the scene where Chen Weiting went to save people. I admit that I was really handsome by the grandfather of the Buddha. I also admitted that Lafayette itself was a very attractive role, but the more I see the more outrageous, the more than a dozen knives are like no one? Dare to ask questions? What secrets did Buddha practiced? And it ’s not even more to fly upstairs. It’ s the Republic of China drama. Is this the long -lost light work?

I wo n’t talk about the other points at the end of the fine branches. The audience will experience it. But in general, this drama is not so bad. Zhao Liying and Chen Weiting's acting skills are still good. The face value of the whole drama is also up, which is a pit adapted plot. So comprehensive speaking, if you are a face dog, please watch the love story "Old Nine Gates" at 1.5 times!

The TV series "Old Nine Gates" is adapted from the novel of the same name by the Sanshu of the Nanpai. Get a higher evaluation on the scoring website. The reason is that the play subverts the prototype of "tomb robbers", but instead becomes a heroic image of saving people on the occasion of the nation's danger, and is popular with the audience.

When it comes to Zhang Yixing, the first thing to remind people of the "Little Sheep" in the variety show "Extreme Challenge" was engraved in the hearts of the audience with a innocent and cute image. The television drama "Old Nine Gates" is novel that the play has made Zhang Yixing into the master of the opera class. In the play, his image is the niche of the thin skin and tender meat, which was extremely conflicted with each other at that time.

It is not difficult to see that his portrayal is "love". The girl who runs through the Corporation of February Red is the girl. His affection for the girl has always reflected in front of each audience. When the girl is seriously ill, the role of February Red is from the role of February Red. Slowly to nervousness, the love for the girl is vividly, especially the sorrow that the girl is about to die in front of the audience.

In addition, once the "Old Nine Gate" was broadcast, it not only met the big open -mindedness of the underground cemetery, but also united the Chinese spirit of fighting against the Japanese, which made the audience particularly strong. It was also because of this drama that made the society at that time. The picture is presented in front of people, and the audience's thoughts are mentioned.

The emotional emotions of this TV series, including the resistance to Japanese invasion and the insistence of protecting the treasure, have to convince the audience and convey the patriotic spirit. It is a veritable work!

If the TV series "Grave Robbery Notes" is said, it will give up to 5.5 points.

The main content of the TV series "Grave Robbery" is the suffering between the two people during the war of invasion.

This drama will give 5.5 points. It can be said that there are too many reasons. At that time, when I was watching, it was because I was a book fan, and I still prefer these actors. But after chasing the drama, I was a little disappointed. See if you feel the same as the spicy girl.

Reason 1: The plot drags

In order to read "Tomb Raider", the spicy girl bought iQiyi members, but what kind of ghost is the procrastinating plot. After watching six episodes, I feel nothing. This is really realized.

Reason two: embarrassing acting skills

Seriously, although Zhang Qishan in the play is handsome, it seems that Chen Weiting is handsome when he performs, a bit of the protagonist's halo, as long as I appear, I am handsome, which is really unspeakable.

Zhang Yixing's acting skills are also embarrassing. Although his crying when his girl died made people sad, overall, Zhang Yixing's emotional expression and eye expression had problems. I just love my sister.

Reason three: superfluous characters

Seriously, the character of Ba Ye can really be removed in the TV series. Is it just a funny existence, but it is not so funny when it exists. The most important thing is that he has no effect on the plot. Can you use an unrelated excess role, can you make it more useful?

Reason four: pretend

The TV series "Tomb Robbery" is really installed all the time. Everyone's personal feelings are my most. My most different existence. For example, Zhang Qishan has been wearing gloves. Couldn't this glove not touch the window? Baye did not forget to lead the orchids when he was holding a flashlight. There were 10,000 in your heart: I'm going, this is really not pretending.

In general, this drama is really bad. Uncle Nanpai really wants to adapt all his works to the rhythm that is very willing!

"Old Nine Gates" is actually the first part of "Tomb Raider". As a TV series adapted from novels, I think "Old Nine Gates" is still very good worth watching.

First of all, the most eye -catching thing has to say, its strong performance lineup. Chen Weiting, Zhao Liying, and Zhang Yixing can be said to be the hot front -line traffic stars in the entertainment industry in recent years. At the same time, the three people were put in a play, and there was absolute guarantee in terms of ratings.

Secondly, from the plot restoration of the original novel. In order to better meet the original book fans' sense of viewing experience, the third uncle of Nanpai personally acted as the producer. Although it is slightly procrastinating in some parts of the plot, the narrative and expression of the overall plot can be said to be very fit with the original content.

And the scene effects in the TV series, including later production. Also worked hard. Especially after the storyline developed into the lower tomb, the lighting and some details in the tomb are also excellent, not inferior to the TV series made by the big screen.

The actors' acting skills in the play are also remarkable, especially Zhang Yixing, the actor of February Red. The performance in the play has subverted my impression of his "little sheep" on the big screen.