The same feelings, the acting is too much, a deep hatred expression, talking and acting is like an unwillingness. Such a person is still the talent setting of the talents that Jiang Jingguo and the Communist Party are drawing. The acting skills have a unreasonable Fang Mengao.

The act of performing is a fool. Whether it is a good person or a bad person or a deeply buried person, he has his emotions, and what is Liu Yan? Two hundreds! You have to pretend to be cool again! It is also the characteristic of his opponent's lover, and it is not the characteristic of women who should have this age. It is a dead fish -like. I also imagine the old actor. It is not harsh and laughing. Unfortunately, there is no this heritage! The director also had to defend the failed acting, and it seemed lower.

It is indeed poorly performed. The reason why Fang Mengao is valued, reused, attracted, and won by many aspects. It should not be as deep as a reckless husband who is stubborn. The contribution is unreal, so that the audience has no sense of recognition. Who has such a son and who has such a subordinate colleague, it is really a lot of mold.

I think the performance is well performed. Liu's performance is exactly the camouflage suitable for his personality. Didn't Cui Zhongshi say that let him do it well and forget his own party members to protect himself. Yourself. His performance was indeed a pilot who came from the nine deaths, a American soldier and his sister -in -law.

He played very well, but the role of Fang Mengao was too thin. Personally, he thinks he is very successful