In the "Red Lady" broadcast yesterday, Wang Xiaohong played by Wang Luodan staged a confession and confession.First, Wang Xiaohong was about to be shot due to his identity. After the rescue of the execution ground, he expressed his affection for Mei Xianzu. "Although my Wang Xiaohong's current identity and status are not worthy of the ancestor, I am willing to be his wife ...It doesn't matter. "The sincerity of confession, even Mei Xianzu shakes up.

And yesterday, the wonderful fragments of "Red Lady" were far more than the romantic confession scene of the execution ground. Comrade Xu Ding of Wang Xiaohong's Red Army comrades heard that Wang Xiaohong was about to marry Mei Xianzu.You like you when you reach it. "The heart painful confession actually made Wang Xiaohong look at it like a joke, and the outbreak of the long -awaited love of the love is impressive.