Journey to the West

The ghost king led the purpose, that is, the cloud rose to the mouth of the Guanjiangkou. Without half an hour, until the temple of Zhenjun. Long ago

The ghost of the door was reported to the inside: "There is an angel outside, and the purpose is coming." Erlang and his brother and went out to meet the purpose

In meaning, start to read incense. Win the cloud:

Huaguo Mountain Monkey Monkey Qi Tian Da Sheng chaos. Due to stealing peaches, stealing wine, stealing Dan, disrupting the peach conference, seeing ten

Thousands of soldiers, eighteen of Tianluo Diwang, closed the mountains and never won. Today's special brothers go to Huaguo

Mountain help to remove. After success, high weight reward.

Zhenjun said with great joy: "Please return the angel, I will pull the knife to help each other." The ghost king played back.

This true monarch calls the six brothers of Meishan -Naikang, Zhang, Yao, and Li Four Wei, Guo Shen, Naojian Second General, Gathering

In front of the temple: "The emperor of Jiyi dispatched me and waited for Huaguo Mountain to take the monkeys and go together." The brothers were all willing to go.

That is, the head of the headquarters, driving the eagle pilot, the crossbow, the wind, the windy wind, and the time of the east ocean, to Huaguo Mountain.

Seeing Luo that day, dense layers, you can't move forward, because of the call: "The god of Tian Luo will listen to: I Nai II

Lang Xian Sheng Zhenjun, Mongolian Jade Emperor came, captured the monkeys, and quickly opened the camp door. "For a while, the gods came in layer by layer.

Both the four heavenly kings and Li Tianwang greeted the gate. After seeing each other, asking for the victory or failure, Tian Wang will prepare the last matter.

Zhenjun laughed: "Xiao Sheng here must fight with him. Lie Gong will have Tian Luo, don’t go on the top, only

Tightly, let me bet. If I lose with him, I don't have to help each other, I have my own brother support; if I win him,

I don't need to be tied up, I have my own brother. Just ask the King of Tota to make a demon mirror and live in the air. fear

He defeated for a while, fled to the other side, and he had to shine with me. Don't leave him. "Heavenly king lives in four dimensions, and the soldiers are soldiers

Each is arranged to go.

This Zhenjun led the Four Captains and the Second General, and even the seven brothers themselves, challenged the camp;

Posted the eagle dog. The grasshoppers are ordering. Zhenjun only goes outside the water curtain cave, see the group of monkeys, complete together, arrange

This dragon formation; the Chinese army, standing with a flag, the word "Qi Tian Da Sheng". Zhenjun said: "That splason monster, why?

Can it be called Qi Tian's position? "Meishan's sixth brother said:" And Hugh praised, called war. "The little monkey at Yingkou met Zhenjun,

Go to report in a hurry. The monkey king set up the golden hoop, the whole golden armor, boarded the clouds, and pressed the purple gold crown to free up the camp door.

Looking at the eyes, the appearance of the true king, the fruit is clear, dressed up again. Really:

Rong Qingjun looks like a dignified look, with light on his ears. Wear the Sanshan Feifeng hat and wearing a collar of light goose yellow. Golden

Boots lined with dragon socks, jade belt group flowers Baobao makeup. The slingshot of the waist is crescent, with a three -pointed and two -blade gun. Ax chopped Tao Shan Zeng rescued

Mother, playing brown Luo Shuang Phoenix. The fame is far away, and the righteousness of Meishan seven sacred lines. The heart is high and does not recognize the family members, and the sex is proud

Return to God to live in Guanjiang. Chicheng Zhaohui British Spirit, showing the borderless Erlang.

When I saw it, I smiled and told the golden hoop stick, and shouted: "Where are you a teenager, dare to be bold

This challenge? "Zhenjun drank:" You have no eyes, you can't recognize me! My nephew is the nephew of the Jade Emperor, Feng Zhaohui Ling

Xian Wang Erlang is also. Today, you can catch your anti -Tiangong Ma Ma Wenyan here, you don't know how to die! "Big

Holy Dao: "I remember that the girl of the Jade Emperor Si Fan, with Yang Jun, gave birth to a man, and once made the ax chopping Tao Shan.

Is it you? I have to scold you a few times, and Zeng Ni has no grievances; it is a pity to hit you, but you are your life. you

Lang Jun, you can go back in a hurry and call you the four heavenly kings. "Zhenjun heard the words, and he was angry in his heart:" Splash monkeys!

It's rude! Eat my blade! "Dasheng escaped his side, lifted the golden hoop stick, and returned his hands.

Zhao Hui Erlang, Qi Tiansun Dasheng, this heart deceives the enemy Monkey King, the face is overwhelmed by Zhenliang Dong. two

At first glance, everyone is gambling. I have never known shallow and deep, and today the Fang knows lightness and heavy weight. Iron Stick Sai Flying Dragon, Shen Feng like dance

phoenix. Block the right and right, and the front is screened. The sixth brother of Meishan helped the prestige, and the fourth general of the Malaysians passed on the military order. shake

The flags and drums are together, and the shouts and sieve gongs are helpful. The two steel knives have an opportunity, and there is no silk seam. The golden hoop is the sea

Zhongzhen, the change of Fei Teng can win;

Zhenjun and the Dato sutra of more than three hundred units, do not know the victory. That true king trembled to search Shenwei, changed his body, and became tall,

Two hands, holding three -pointed and two blades of gods, like the peaks on the top of Huashan, green faces and teeth, Zhu Hong's hair, fierce,

Hope to cut the head of the big sacred head. This big saint also makes the magical power, and becomes the same as Erlang's body.

The golden hoop rod is like the pillar of the sky on the top of Kunlun. Blizzard, marshal, trembling, trembling,

You can't shake the flag; the second general of collapse and Parathi is timid, so that the sword is not allowed. In this line, Kang, Zhang, Yao, Li, Guo Shen,

Zhijian passed the order, sprinkled the grass head god, and outside of his water curtain hole, he was indulgently, and he was killed with a crossbow. Can

Prices Sanda Demon Monkey Four Jianjian, catch two or three thousand spirit monsters! Those monkeys, throw up the armor, and throw the gun and throw a gun; run, shout

Shouting; up the mountain up the mountain, the holes of the cave: like a night cat shocking bird, flying full of star. The brothers are not involved.

However, the scale of Zhenjun and the Great Saint turned into a natural phenomenon. When he was fighting, the Great Saint suddenly saw the monkeys in the camp, and consciously panicked. Seeing that he was defeated, Zhenjun took a big stride and caught up: "Go there?

Set, spare your life! "Dasheng does not love war, just runs up. Near the cave, he is hitting Kang, Zhang, Yao, and Li Sitai

Wei, Guo Shen, and Zhijian two generals, handsomely blocked: "Splash monkeys! Go there!" Dasheng panicked his hands and feet, so he put

The golden hoop was pinched into the embroidered needle, hid in the ears, changed into a sparrow, and flung on the head of the treetops. That six

Brother, panicked, couldn't see it before and after, and sipped together: "After walking this monkey essence! You can walk this monkey essence!"

Here, Zhenjun arrived, and asked, "Brothers, rushed to the compartment to be gone?"

Live, it's gone. "Erlang opened Fengmu to watch, saw Dasheng's change of sparrows, nailed to the tree, and accepted the law.

He skimmed the god front, removed the slingshot, changed his body, turned into a hungry eagle, shaking his wings, and flying to fight. Dasheng met,

The wings of the search flew up and turned into a big old man, leaving the sky. When Erlang saw it, he shook his hair in a hurry, and changed his body.

Transformed into a sea crane and drilled into the clouds. Dasheng pressed his body again, into the puppet, transformed into a fish, and quenched

Instead in water. Erlang rushed to the edge of the sideways, without any trace. I thought to myself, "This 然 must be going to the water, and it will be fixed as a fish

Shrimp and the like. Wait for me to change him again. "The fruit changed into a fish eagle, fluttered on the waves of the head, waiting for the film

Time. The big saint changes the fish, swimming in the water, suddenly seeing a bird, like a green cricket, and a sliced ​​hair sliced; like a heron, on the top

Wu Yan; like the old man, the legs are not red: "I want Erlang to wait for me! ..." I turned my head and left.

Erlang saw: "The fish that hit the flower is like carp, the tail is not red; like catfish, the flowers are not seen; like black fish, head

There is no star on the top; like catfish, there is no needle on the gill. Why did he go back when he saw it? It must be that monkey changed. "Catch up,

Specked your mouth. The big saint was in the water and changed into a water snake, swimming near the shore, and drilling into the grass. Erlang

Because he didn't, when he saw the sound of the water, he saw a snake out, recognizing it as a Great Saint, turned around, and changed another Zhu

The gray crane embroidered with a long mouth was stretched, similar to a pointed iron pliers, and to eat this water snake. The water snake jumps,

Another change of a flower, Mu Mu 樗樗, standing on the tinning. Erlang saw him low, —— Hua Yan Nai Bird

In the middle to obscenity to obscenity, the eclectic, phoenix, eagle, and crow are all in the group -so do not go together, that is, the original body, go

Will go, take a slingshot full, and beat him with a bullet.

The big saint took advantage of the opportunity to roll down the cliff, and then changed there, and changed a land temple: big open mouth, like

The door of the temple; the teeth become a door fan, the tongue becomes a bodhisattva, and the eyes become a windows. Only the tail is not easy to clean up, erected

Later, turn into a flag pole. Zhenjun rushed to the cliff, and there was only one small temple who did not see the knocked birds;

Take a closer look, see the flag pole standing behind, and laughed: "This is this! He coaxed me there today. I once saw the temple

Yu, never saw a flag pole erected behind. This beast is noisy. If he coax me in, he will bite

live. How can I go in? Wait for me to punch the window first, and then kick the door fan! "Dasheng heard it, and was shocked:" It's so cruel, okay, okay, good, "

Ruthless! The door fan is my teeth, and the windows are my eyes; if I have a teeth, I have tinked my eyes, but why is it good? "One of the poles

Tiger jumping, gone in the air again.

Zhenjun rushed around and after and after, I saw the Fourth Captain and the Second General, and embraced it together: "Brother, hold the big saint

Is it? "Zhenjun laughed:" The monkey only changed the temple to coax me. I was about to pound his window 踢, kick his door fan, he just

One vertical and indifferent trace. Strange! Weird! "Everyone was stunned, and the four looked more invisible. True Jun said:" Brothers

Here we guard the patrol and wait for me to find him. "Drive the clouds and start in the air.

Living in the cloud with Nezha, Zhenjun said: "Heaven, once seeing the monkey king?" Heaven said: "Don't come up. I'm here

Follow him. "Zhenjun changed that gambling, made the magical power, and said the monkey, but said," He becomes a temple, and he is fighting.

Here, just leave. "Li Tianwang heard the words, and took the demon mirror again, and laughed:" Zhenjun, go! Hurry up!

Go! The monkey made a stealth method, walked out of the camp, and went to your Guanjiangkou. "Erlang heard that he took Shen Feng and returned

Guanjiangkou rushed.

But said that the Great Saint had arrived at the Guanjiangkou, changed his body, turned into the appearance of Grandpa Erlang, pressed the cloud head, and entered the temple

inside. The ghost judged could not recognize each other, and greeted them one by one. He sat in the middle to check the incense: See the three animals of Li Hu Bai,

Zhang Long Xu's Baofu, Zhao Jiaqiu's document, Qian B's good wish. Looking at it, someone reported: "Another one

Grandpa is here. "The ghosts were rushed to watch, and they were all shocked. Zhenjun said:" What is there Qitian Dasheng, only to come here.

Is it? "The ghosts said:" I never saw any saint, only one grandfather checked in it. "Zhenjun hit the door,

When I saw the Dasheng, the name was appeared: "Lang Jun will not cherish it, the temple is already surnamed Sun."

Cut your face. The monkey king made a body of body, let the god front, and set out the embroidered needle, a big one, the bowl of the bowl, rushing

Before, the opposite side is returned. Two shouts, hitting the temple door, half -fog and half clouds, and fighting and fighting, hitting Huaiguoshan, panicked the four heavenly kings and other people, the more tight. This Kang, Zhang Taiwei and others faced Zhenjun, worked hard, and took the beautiful monkey

The king surrounds the problem.

After the words, the strong king of the ghost tuned the Jun Jun and the six brothers to prosecute the demon, but played back to the upper world. Jade Emperor and Guanyin Bodhisattva

Sa and Queen Mother and the Xianqing were speaking in Lingxiao Temple, saying: "Erlang has gone to the war, and I haven't seen it on this day.

Report. "Guanyin said:" The poor monk asked Her Majesty to go out of the Nanda Gate and see how the reality is? "Jade Emperor Road:

"It is reasonable." That is, the same ancestor, Guanyin, Queen Mother and Zhongxian Qing to Nan Tianmen. There are a few days ago Ding, Li

Scholars followed, opened the door, and saw the Tian Dingbro nets, surrounded the four sides; Li Tianwang and Nezha Qingzhao Mirror Mirror, standing in

The air; Zhenjun surrounded the Great Saint in the middle, gambled. The Bodhisattva said to Lao Jun: "The poor monk lifts Erlang God

How? Fruit has magical powers, and the great sanctuary has been besieged, but it is not captured. I help him work now, and I decide to hold him. "

Lao Jun said: "Bodhisattva will the weapon? How can I help him?" The Bodhisattva said: "I threw the net bottle willow down and hit the monkey

Head; that is, you ca n’t kill, and you also have a drop. "Lao Jun said:" Your bottle is a magnet, you "

It is good to be able to hold him, if you can't beat his head, or hit his iron stick, but you don’t break it? You can't do it, wait

My Laojun helped him. "Bodhisattva said:" What weapons do you have? " "Lao Jun said:" Yes, yes, yes. "Get up the sleeve,

Take a circle on the left in -sita and say, "This weapon is refined, and I will be returned to the same time.

Aura, good can change, does not invade water and fire, and can set up all things;

At that time, he had passed the letter and Hu Hu was a Buddha, and he lost him. Most in the morning and evening. Wait for me to throw him down. "The words,

From Tianmen to the bottom, dripping flow, and in the flowers of Huaguo Mountain, the monkey king's head was on the head. Monkey king only

Gu Qi Zhan Qisheng, but I did not know that the weapon fell in the sky, hit the spirit, stabilized, fell down, climbed up

Run away; he was caught up by Grandpa Erlang's thin dog, took a sip of his legs, and pulled again. He fell asleep to the ground, scolded

Tao: "This dead! You don't want to be parents, but come to bite the old grandson!" I couldn't get up and couldn't get up.

The rope is about to be bundled, so that the hook knife is wearing the pipa bone and can not change anymore.

The Laojun received Jin Gangzhuang, and asked the Jade Emperor to be with Guanyin, Queen Mother, Zhongxian, etc., and returned to Lingxiao Hall. The four major below

The gods of the King and Li Tianwang, who collectively received the soldiers and pulled up the village. Recently, the Xiao Saint Hexi said: "This little sacred merit!" Xiao Sheng

Tao: "This is the heavenly Hongfu, the power of the gods, why do I have it?"

Syrian, and to see the emperor in the upper bounds, please go to it. "Zhenjun said:" Xian Brother, you have not received the sky, no

See the Jade Emperor. The tutoring Tianjia soldiers were betrayed, and I returned to the upper bounds with the King of the King. You are handsome to search the mountains here, search for net

Later, he still returned to the mouth. Wait for me to invite the reward, ask for me, and come back. "Fourth Captain, the second general, led Nuo.

This true king is driving the head of the public, singing a cars, and winning the sky. After a while, go outside the Mingming Hall. Tian Shi Qi Qi said: "Four

The big heavenly king and other people have caught the monkey monkey Qi Tian Da Sheng. Come here to listen to announcement. "Jade Emperor passed on the purpose, that is, he ordered the ghost king and Tian Ding

Wait for the crowd, to escort to the Demon Terrace, and chop the corpse. Alas!

Bullying was suffering today, and the heroic spirit was waiting.

After all, I do n’t know what the monkey king ’s life is like, and listen to the decomposition next time.

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