I don't know if you said that the Shanghai Hospital (No. 776, Siping Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai), the whole process (2 hours and 10 minutes, 42.6 kilometers) walked from Shanghai Hospital to Siping Road Station (490 meters). Walk 200 meters along Tianbao Road, turn right into Siping Road 2. Walking 200 meters along Siping Road, walk straight through the sidewalk, turn right into Dalian Road 3. Walk 90 meters along Dalian Road, and reach Siping Road Station. " Line (the direction of the Aerospace Museum), get off at the Hongkou Football Stadium Station (2 stop) station, transfer to Metro Line 3 (Shanghai South Station) (230 meters) (230 meters)

Take Metro Line 3 (direction of Shanghai South Station) and get off at Caoyang Road Station (6 stop)

Transfer to Metro Line 11 (Treaty of Jiading North) (230 meters) (230 meters)

Take Metro Line 11 (direction of Jiading north) and get off at Jiading North Station (13 stops)

Walk to Pingcheng Road Station of Chengbei Road (120 meters)

Take the Jiadian Line and get off at Qinghe Road Station of Chengzhong Road (2 stops)

Walk to the Jiading theater (230 meters), —————— I do n’t know if it is the route you want, I hope to help you.

Jiading Theater

Address: No. 149, Chengzhong Road

Get on the bus from Metro Line 8 (Xiangyin Road Station) to get off at 12 stations (Ren/Min Square Station), come down from Exit 11, turn left and go straight to the elevated left.

Go to the Hujia Line (Nanjing West Road Station of Chengdu North Road) and get on the bus, take 1 stop to (Jiading Passenger Transport Center Station) and get off.