First of all, "I have a date with Spring" is produced by ATV, not TVB. This drama is adapted from the stage drama script of the same name in 1992. This stage drama was well received in Hong Kong.Essence

It must be explained that "I have a date with Spring" when the premiere in Hong Kong was not high, mainly because it was shot by ATV. ATV was a small stage in Hong Kong. The ratings have always been not as good as TVB.Later, the marriage of starring Jiang Hua and Deng Cuiwen was also revealed. The two were not involved in each other in ATV and TVB, so the reputation and ratings in Hong Kong were not as good as the stage play in Hong Kong.

This drama was later broadcast on the mainland on the mainland, so Hunan Satellite TV later remake of the play, but during the filming, the male and female masters were seriously injured. When it was broadcast again in 2013, it did not cause much sensation.In this way, the editing broadcast does not take into account the feeling of the injured actor