It was a great year for Stephen Speelberg in 2005. If the first movie "Battle of the World" he filmed in the past 12 months is a 9/11 parable about inability to control or defeat the disaster, then "Munich" is a movie about the consequences of trauma. The film ended with the lens of the World Trade Center, which is not unreasonable.

This is an amazing technical achievement and one of Spielberg's best editing movies, although the film is only three hours. This is also the most morally tortured and troubled film in his morality. After the 1972 Munich Athletes encountered the "Black September" attack, a black mobile team was assassinated.

A series of scenes are shocking, and there is no more emphasis on Speelberg's skilled skills than phone bombs: to determine the geographical location and orientation of the space through the barrier of characters and cameras, clarify the order of interests and events. Then set up obstacles -in this case, obstacles are the young daughter of the target.


I love the role of Zhao Dongmei the most, her play is simple but the most touching. The night when Li Chunqiu guarded downstairs, he was snowing in the sky, and she looked up at the eyes in the sky, which was so beautiful.

She is indeed a heartbreaking girl, so she is so heartbreaking, stubborn, heartbreaking, disguised to make people heartbreaking, and she must be more heartbreaking. She rammed horizontally like a hedgehog, but loved it, and eventually stabbed herself and ended with blood. She is not a qualified agent, because a qualified agent has no thorns, and their thorn is in her heart. And this poor girl is the opposite.

"peace restaurant"

The TV series "Peace Hotel" is directed by Li Jun, Bai Tao, starring Chen Shu, Lei Jiayin, Li Guangjie and so on. The play tells the story of the fall of the Northeast in 1935. In a luxury hotel called Heping Hotel, a group of mysterious guests started a game of 10 days of death.

In the play, not only the picture is exquisite, but the plot is exciting, but also brings a suffocating drama experience to the audience. At the same time, the episode is humorous, suspense, and spy war. Watching the spy war drama in the routine, the breakthrough and innovation of the play is shining.


One Chen Kun is very charming, and there are two! Chen Kun, who dresses differently! Like this setting, it is very impressed when you appear.

I thought it was a serious anti -war film, and Brother Kun Wan Qian was so funny, and the TV taste was appropriately added. In addition, the play has no protagonist halo. A number of actors except the starring actors are all acting online, and their strength is showing. Each actor is full of aura, and a few shots can show a distinctive character image, which can be described as deep skills. Although there are still many shortcomings, in general, the play is worth watching.

Of course it is a kite, the secret calculation

Ten spy war dramas that are worth watching repeatedly are: "Mask", "The Radio Waves that Never Pass", "The Catriot", "Cliff", "Red", "Before Dawn", "Layout", "Layout", "Kite", "No Regret Tracking". I have only seen "Pretender" and "Lurking". Others can see if it is really worth watching.

"War Changsha", "Huru", "Before Dawn", "Damn", "Pretender", "Mask", "Sparrow", "Cliff", "Kite", "Red".

knowledge. These ten spy war dramas are "Repentance Tracking", "Kite", "Lurking", "Before Dawn", "Redness", "Red", "Cliff", "Pretender", "The Never Passing Radio Wave" ","mask".