As of March 2, 2022, "The Walking Dead" has been broadcast for ten seasons, and has not yet ended.

AMC officially announced on September 9, 2020 that the eleventh season of the upcoming "The Walking Dead" will be the final season of the play, and the number of episodes of the eleventh season will reach 24 episodes. The first 12 episodes of the first season will be premiered in 2021, and the next 12 episodes will be premiered in 2022.

overall evaluation

The production of AMC's TV series "The Walking Dead" is considered this trend. But "The Walking Dead" is quite adventurous, which is the type of zombie itself. You can develop them into a two -hour movie, or a game, because these zombies with heavy pace, rotten flesh, and thin bones are used to be attacked at the beginning of people's "founding".

They are unable to speak, cannot be thought, and are useless except chasing human flavor. So you can escape their enclosure in the movie or beheaded them in the game, but it is really difficult to start in TV series.

In the case of them, they could not fall in love with the protagonist like a vampire. On the other hand, in the plot arrangement, it was impossible to beat the zombies one by one, which would make the audience disgusted immediately. Therefore, AMC's drama of zombie TV has also become the first one in the history of TV drama.