Zhao Benshan: Shen Chunyang is a very sensible child who has paid a lot of Shen Chunyang and Song Xiaobao in "Cherry" in "Cherry". Zhao Benshan sees that Shen Chunyang is a very obedient and more sensible person. She is also very serious at work. After Song Xiaobao became popular since the Liaoning Spring Festival Gala has become more and more famous in society, the performance technology content has become increasingly mature, and it has also won the affirmation of Zhao Benshan. The characters in "Cherry" are completely in line with their performance forms and styles. Zhao Benshan said in the questioning reporter's question that Xiao Shenyang's current acting schedule is full and cannot draw other dramas. Benshan Media does not deliberately restrict the performance of Xiao Shenyang, nor the outside world said that the commercial value of Xiao Shenyang has shrunk significantly. Zhao Benshan said that Xiao Shenyang is still a child, and it is a bit fluttering after becoming famous. In the past few years, Shen Chunyang silently educated and reminded Xiao Shenyang in his back, always telling him not to expand, and to maintain his original state. Pay a lot for Xiao Shenyang. It can be said that the development of Xiao Shenyang is inseparable from the help of Shen Chunyang. In addition, the reporter learned that in the new drama, Xiao Shenyang and Shen Chunyang will have a wonderful dialogue. This may also be between husband and wife, the first time in the same TV series. This is a major event between their husbands and wives, and it is also a major event for Benshan Media. [1] Shen Chunyang: There is no bottom line for the emotional drama performance of Xiao Shenyang. There is no restriction on Xiao Shenyang and Shen Chunyang. It was originally a two -person transfer actor. From the bottom step to today, it depends on Zhao Benshan's discovery and cultivation. Little Shenyang was recognized by hundreds of millions of viewers because of her Spring Festival Gala, and became a domestic front -line star. Whether it is the box office

TV stills (18 photos) are the highest prices of endorsements. Since Shen Chunyang's "disintegration" with Xiao Shenyang, after the Single Shenyang flying alone, Shen Chunyang has become more calm in the turn of the two. There are also media reports that due to the disparity between husband and wife, Shen Chunyang often supports the family alone. Several Weibo said, "I have been in Shenyang for Little Shenyang all my life. Idols in life and career are Xiao Shenyang." For Xiao Shenyang is currently filming "Hedong Lion Roar 2", he has an excessive kiss scene with Hong Kong gossip star Cecilia Cheung. Shen Chunyang bluntly stated at the press conference that his career and family were not separated. She believes that the mentality is good, the family is good, and the career is naturally good. Xiao Shenyang's performance is remarkable and will not care about having so -called scandals with other stars. Regarding the emotional drama of Xiao Shenyang and Cecilia Cheung, Shen Chunyang patted his chest and said that Xiao Shenyang could perform boldly and had no bottom line and unlimited about emotional drama performances. After the words were finished, it won applause from reporters and guests at the scene. At the same time, Xiao Shenyang also sang a woman. In the face of the reporter, he said boldly, "We are together in the two times, we are very good." [1] Xiao Shenyang: The drama of supporting his wife is to be busy and tired. At the press conference, Xiao Shenyang was wearing a very simple casual outfit, and from time to time, he discussed a new drama with Song Xiaobao next to him. He kept his signature movement and always smiled. For a reporter, why isn't Xiao Shenyang starring in the two new dramas that have been filmed recently? Xiao Shenyang said that his schedule is currently full and cannot take care of the shooting of new dramas. However, he was very happy and excited about this drama starring his daughter -in -law. He said that this was a major event between husband and wife. He was tired and busy, and he had to come to today's press conference. He will always support his daughter -in -law, no matter where he is, he will always keep in touch with his daughter -in -law. Since Shen Chunyang has appeared in a TV series for the first time, is it in place for his performance? Zhao Benshan said that he believed in her level, she had the ability to grasp the plot of the characters, and looked forward to Shen Chunyang's role. Xiao Shenyang also stated that he would communicate with Shen Chunyang in addition to work and learn from the plot, which will definitely help Shen Chunyang. [1]