It was not adapted from the novel. There were three in total: the first "Big Future" was over, and the second part of "Shuanglong Club" was over, and the third part was not shot.

Recently, the TV series has finale. Many people are very curious when the second episode will be broadcast. In fact, this drama is written by Chen Sicheng. There are three in total. Two of them have been broadcast. The third part has not been filmed. I do n’t knowWhen can it be broadcast, but Liu Haoran starring Fanwai Shuanglong will be broadcast soon.

Dreaming of getting lost in the forest


At the meeting, the enemy's should be in trouble.

Dreaming of getting lost on the mountain


Interpersonal relationships will turn well.Especially being appreciated by the elders.But you must never rely on others, and we must strive to hone yourself and enrich yourself.