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Content preview: [Chapter 20 Destiny is destined to be merciless (above)] [Chapter 20 destined to be ruthless (above)] "Snowing ..." Gao Ye whispered, suddenly remembered that day, A white figure has been entangled with himself to teach himself martial arts. "You can't go on like this! If those people think of assassination, you can't stop it!" The figure seemed to say that. Gao Ye smiled slightly, really made you right, huh, I hope you will not stop my death on myself. Changgong ... ====== Gao Changgong strolled on the streets of Lanling County. The low -drooping light veil has covered him with a little embarrassment. It can disappear for a while. He traveled too much, and he didn't even notice that he came to the outskirts of Lanling County. Knowing the sudden sound of fighting wakes him up. Uh? Where is this? Gao Changgong took the hat and looked around, rubbing his hair with a smile, why did he come here unknowingly? The sound of fighting was getting closer and closer to him. He listened carefully, and the boredom in his heart couldn't go back to the inn, letting a man lose with him. So he jumped gently, and fell like a color geese to the top of a tree, ...

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