In this year's epidemic, we have seen too much movement, let us know the strength of the motherland, and everyone unite as well as one party, the spirit of the aid in the eight parties really makes everyone cry. In Wuhan's resistance to the virus, countless heroes have also emerged, and these themes will also be shot into a TV series to show the audience. The drama is called "Together", and it is also the first TV series to resist epidemic.

One: It will be broadcast in October.

I believe that everyone has seen a few clips, but it has not been said to be officially broadcast yet. This TV series "Together" will be broadcast in October for a few days. The actors in it are all known, and they are all old opera bones, like Jia Nailiang, Zhang Meng, Liu Mindao, Hai Qing, etc., everyone should look very familiar.

Two: Two episodes of one story.

There are several stories in this TV series, and it is adapted from real events. In the process of assisting Wuhan, we heard a lot of stories, such as the story of takeaway brothers, or the story of the Dalian guy, etc. Wait, the director re -interpreted the TV series. A small story of the two episodes of the TV series, all of which are personal experience. I believe that many audiences should be moved.

Three: Move the story to the big screen.

Since the beginning of the year, medical staff from all over the world, people from all walks of life have been assisting Wuhan with their own actual actions, people across the country are isolated at home, and there is no one on the street. This is what we have experienced in person. The time of the month is very difficult. Now go to see everything we have experienced, I believe many people feel a lot.

We took a few months to resist the epidemic, and the hero of Wuhan, the city of Wuhan, sealed a city for the people of the whole country and protecting one country. This is the responsibility. And we are also very fortunate to be born in China and become Chinese children, and deeply feel proud of.

The first anti-epidemic TV series "The Most Beautiful Rebellion" was scheduled to be broadcast on the CCTV-1 gold file on September 17

"The Most Beautiful Rebellion" was broadcast on September 17th. A TV series adapted from reality has many stars participating.

For 2020, everyone is a heavy year. The epidemic is a pain in our hearts. The first TV series of anti -epidemic -resistant themes is a historical commemorative. It may be played on the first anniversary of the successful resistance, or it is released in advance.

It has been broadcast on September 17. The name of this TV series is called "The Most Beautiful Rebellion". It is adapted from real people. Let us see the selfless dedication of the retrograde. Without them, there will be no our current peace.