Chen Xiaofei Yue Duomei met the full money and bought a house for Du Mei. Du Mei did not promise to get up and leave at the time, but Chen Xiaofei caught up with the house ticket to Du Mei.

Yang Shuhua and Wen Hui threatened Wen Xin to take money out of the money six years ago. Wen Xin told the two that they had no money for five years and asked the two not to tell their own affairs. Du Mei watched the room ticket and called Chen Xiaofei to ask him to eat together. Du Mimi deliberately dressed up in front of Wen Xin when he was in the toilet of the company and said that he was going to date today and not Ye Nandi. Wen Xin immediately wondered if it was beautiful to see Chen Xiaofei. Wen Xin immediately went to Chen Xiaofei's office to see Xiao Fei was spraying perfume. Chen Xiaofei explained that he would eat with customers at night. In order to let Wen Xin know where he went to the restaurant he wanted to go to his seat on his seat. When Duomei returned the house ticket to Chen Xiaofei in the restaurant, Wen Xin appeared. What Du Mei asked for this scene. Chen Xiaofei pulled the furious Wen Xin home. Duo Jun was crying on the floor of the room alone. When Tang Shujuan came in, Duo Jun said that he dreamed of sugar and wanted to sugar. Tang Shujuan called Wen Xin to ask Wen Xin to bring sugar sugar to the house to say that Duo Jun's disease was very arguing to see the sugar sugar, Wen Xin did not agree, Tang Shujuan told Wen Xin Dujun I recovered my memory, so I hope she can help Duo Jun with sugar and sugar, Wen Xin was afraid of it when she heard it. In order to see what extent Duo Jun returned, Wen Xin decided to see Du Jun. Wen Xin went to the Lin family to see Dujun, and Duo Jun came out to call Wen Xin's wife. Wen Xin asked Duo Jun what he remembered. When Du Dujun said when he remembered when Wen Xin was scared, he left. When Wen Xin took the bag, Duo Jun chased the phone and chased it out. But I did not expect to drive over the street, and Duo Jun was knocked to the ground by a taxi for saving Wen Xin. Wen Xin ran away.